Saturday, April 02, 2005


Thank God It's Saturday! That's the best day of the week for us working gals. I've had a lot of errands to do today and thankfully, I feel much better than I did a couple days ago after the car accident. I'm still a bit sore and stiff, but not nearly so much. I had to take daughter #1 to the art store downtown to get supplies for her college art classes. I had to run hubby's jacket to him at the ballpark as he's umpiring and getting wet. He kept calling all of us on our cell phones and seemed upset that we dared go out to do things on our day off instead of wait at home in case he wanted something. I have to take daughter #2 to her ball game in a few. She just had me braid her hair and now she wants to take it out and put it up in her ratty tatty pony tail she insists on wearing. The girl has gorgeous hair and pulls it back into a little old lady bun all the time. Oy! I finished my rough draft of Dark Side Tuesday night and sent it to my EC editor. Now I'm working on my edits of Purrfect Justice and Lions of Judah for my editors. Then Mata Hali, Naughty & Nice, and Always a Bridesmaid. And of course I have only 2 or 3 months to completely write and turn in my next EC novel. I saw that my next NCP book, Fully Functional in the Ticklish Tales anthology will be coming out in April. Woo hoo! And I saw my print book of American Beauty/"Sweet & Sticky" on the shelves at our local Borders bookstore last weekend. I only lost 1/2 when I weighed in at Weight Watchers last night. It could be that I didn't get to exercise half the week between my deadline and car wreck recuperation. It didn't help that Ruth and I went out for pizza yesterday at lunch. Or that Linda brought me a piece of cake yesterday afternoon. I have to be better...have to...have to...have to... I LIKE fitting into size 6's and I'd like to keep fitting into size sixes. With that in mind, I'm going to learn how to rollerblade and rollerblade more than walk. Weight Watchers changed the walking activity points formula and now 80 minutes of brisk walking only earns 3 measley points! And 30 minutes of brisk walking earns 0 points! Rollerblading and running still earn 8 points for 80 minutes worth. Unfortunately, I can't run for 5 minutes straight much less 30 or 80. I can rollerskate though. But my quad skates don't work well outside at the park and it's expensive to take the kids to the rink even once a week much less daily or several times. So I have to learn how to rollerblade. My ankles were always weak when I tried to ice skate so it's going to be a chore. But it's something I want to do and I don't want to die never having done it. Of course there's many things I want to do before I die. I want to see all my kids grow up, marry, and have kids, and be HAPPY! I want to see my books hit the New York Times bestseller list. I want to travel to Mexico, Europe (especially Germany, my ancestoral home), New Zealand, Australia, and take a Caribbean cruise. An Alaskan cruise would be nice, too. I'd like to ride horses again. About the only other thing I really want is plastic surgery to look younger, or find the fountain of youth. :) It's time to take daughter #2 to softball. She's arguing with me about taking a sweater or jacket. But it's chilly and rainy out. I'm taking mine. Last time she refused, she ended up begging for mine and then I froze, good mama that I am. But I told her that if she defies me this time and doesn't take it when I've told her several times to, then she'll be the one to get cold, not me. When I get home, I have to work on PJ and LoJ more. I have to get my outline down for my next EC novel as well - the kids were brainstorming with me on the way to the art supply store earlier. Happy Saturday all!

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