Friday, September 21, 2007

Hunk of the week

Hunk of the week - new feature

I want to start some new features to my blog and get some discussions going.

Who is your favorite hero of all time? My generation would call him a "hunk". My daughters' generation would call him a "hottie". A rose by any other name...

There are soooooo many handsome and fascinating men, I can't just pick one, so let me try to pick just one a week. This week there's no contest. I pick Peter DiCicco, cover model for Ellora's Cave
Peter's the really cute man on the left. Sorry I couldn't find a better picture. This doesn't do him full justice, but you get the idea.

Why do I pick Peter? Because he's local to me and I just happened to dine at the same restaurant with him this week. Well, not "with him" with him, but during the same lunch hour a few tables away.

We met briefly a few years ago, but I doubt he remembers me. Come on, why would he? We were at an RT Booklover's Conference and I was one of thousands of women. I've also run into him at a couple booksignings and Ellora's Cave parties. Yet again, since I'm several years older and there were still a lot of women, I doubt he'd remember me.

That's okay.

He seems like a very nice man, and we all know how gorgeous he is. So I'll give him the honor of being "my first". Weekly hunk, that is.

Don't tell me you don't know who Peter is? Shame on you! Once you see him, I don't think you'll forget him.

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