Saturday, September 22, 2007

Teaching my daughter to drive today

Have you ever taught someone to drive?

I just took my older daughter out to learn. I picked a deserted parking lot (it's Saturday) thinking it would be a safe place. And then I saw it...the canal just a few feet away. Visions of submerging into that canal in our van overwhelmed me.

Obviously, I'm here, so we didn't take a dip.

Instead, my daughter drove around in one little circle - over and over and over and over and over....... She reminded me of our cat who's afraid to come out of my daughter's room. I almost fell asleep, which also means she didn't scare me too badly.

After almost an hour, she'd had enough and called it a day. Tomorrow is another day, however. We plan to go back so she can practice right turns and maybe how to back up.

Fun fun fun!

I discovered I'm a much better teacher than my dad. I'm amazed my feet recovered after all the times he stomped on them because he thought I was going too slow and was going to get creamed, or when he thought I was going too fast and he slammed on the brakes.

Oh, the joys of new drivers.


Cathy M said...

Too funny. I ended up teaching both my boys to drive. Somehow the male dynamic with my DH did so not translate to patient and It was white knuckles all the way, but we did it, and both the boys turned into great drivers.

Unknown said...

My son tried to teach his wife to drive a couple years ago.

For some reason, she started moving the car when he still had his door open. It almost took it off its hinges. I didn't get the entire story, but she refused to let him teach her again and had someone else become her teacher.

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