Saturday, October 06, 2007

Question of the week - for authors - how does your family feel about your romance writing?

How does your family feel about your romance writing? Especially if you write the racy, erotic stuff? I'm thinking of writing an article about this, so please let me know if I may quote you (free publicity - so give me your urls and latest book). My kids are embarrassed by romance, period, even the sweet stuff. They're into fantasy, anime, sci-fi - just about anything but romance. That's part of the reason I adopted this nom de plum. The hubby was against it as a money and time waster - until I started bringing home a monthly paycheck from it. Now, he'll tell me to go and write. I guess I just had to "show you the money honey", hmm? Is mine the only family to react this way? Is yours supportive (I hope)? I'm interested to know. Drop me a line about this. Ashley

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