Saturday, February 23, 2008

Graphic Reading Challenge

Real quick, I'm going to post the five novels I will be reading and reviewing before the end of 2008 for a new review site I just found. I imagine I'll do more than five if allowed, but here's the first five. This is for the Graphic Reading Challenge at: Rawsilk by Lisabet Sarai The Rock of Realm by Lea Schizas Wedding Jitters by Brynn Paulin Hello by Dakota Rebel Maid for Death by Amarinda Jones **Blogger friends - Please see my other new post just beneath this. I really shouldn't post twice in a day, but I found this right after I made my other post.


Booklogged said...

Ashley, thank-you for stopping by my blog and commenting. You commented on how many people had commented and asked how I got that many comments. I'm giving away a free book! Usually, I only get 5-10. I think more people come over for a peek, they may even read a bit, but most don't comment. :(

Unknown said...

Good grief!! My quickie book...well, I hope you like it

Unknown said...

Amarinda, I'm sure I will. I loved your excerpt.

And booklogged, that's a great idea. I'll have to offer one of my no-longer published books. Thanks for sharing!

Molly Daniels said...

You'll enjoy Maid for Death:) Brynn's is on my TBB list, and I'm waiting anxiously for Hello!

Unknown said...

I am axiously awaiting Hello too. I had more fun writing that book than anything else I have ever done. You know you have accomplished your goal of writing "Erotic Comedy" if you crack yourself up writing it.

I hope you enjoy it. If not...lie. I could really use a good review on this one. Just kidding...sort of. :)


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