Monday, February 11, 2008

Photo Tag

I found this fun game of tag on this blog today and since the blogger said feel free to tag yourself, I have. Likewise, please feel free to tag yourself and please let me know if you have. I'll tag a few people, too, to keep the fun going. I found the game at:

Here are the destructions:

1. Answer the questions by typing your answers into Photo Bucket <>.
2. Pick a pic that sums it up best and paste the copy the html code (bottom left of the photo image) and paste directly into your post.
3. You can’t copy the persons ans
wers who posted this before you!

Your age next birthday

A place you'd

like to visit


Your favorite object

Your favorite place (Cincinnati, where I grew up)

Your favorite f ood (I'm from Cincinnati - Duh!)

Your favourite animal

Your favorite color

The town you were born in (Cincinnati)

The town where you live now

The name of your pet

The first name of the one you love

Your nickname

Your middle name

A bad habit(s) of yours

Your first job

Your grandmother's name (my dad's mom)

Your favorite book

I'm tagging:

Sher Hames-Torres
Liz Delisi
Kim Cox
CJ Parker
Brynn Paulin
Marcia James
Alexis Fleming
Sally Painter

Please let me know when you do this, whether I tagged you or whether you tagged yourself. Have fun!


Brynn Paulin said...

Cool! I'm so going to do it. Probably tomorrow because my wonder writer has disappeared. Ugh!!
Hope you've had a great day!

Unknown said...

Cool. Pretty grueling day. Daughter #1 is freaking out almost as badly as some of the American Idol Hollywood-weekers tonight, and I can't concentrate on my edit I was trying to work on for my editor, when the daughter is having a fit. I think tomorrow night, I'll have to haul my fanny off to Borders so I can get some peace and quiet and accidentally, on purpose, forget my cell phone.

hesitant scribe said...

Lovely pics! Am intrigued as to what your first job was!

Brief comment from me I'm afraid as still quite sick from Monday's chemo session!

Unknown said...

Scribe - so sorry you're not feeling well. My mom did surprisingly well with chemo, but I know it's a strain on most people.

As for my first job, I worked at Kings Island in Ohio, north of Cincinnati. It's a big amusement park. Not quite as big or grand as Disney, but not far beneath. Specifically, I worked in a food stand called "The Lunchbasket". There were two sides. One side sold hotdogs, chili dogs, fries, and hamburgers. The other side sold chili spaghetti - the basic food group in Cincinnati. During off hours, we employees got to play in the park, ride the rides, and kick around, for free. It was a great job for a teenager. And I met my hubby there. Yep, it was a fantastic job. Lots of great memories. Even running into giant Hair Bear Hannah Barbara characters in the locker room and wearing frilly polka dot clown dresses for our daily uniform - blue and white polka dots one day and the next pink and white polka dots. The guys wore stripes. Our section of the park was modeled after Coney Island. In fact, it was called "Old Coney". I can't wait to visit again.

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