Sunday, February 03, 2008

Time Capsules - what have you added? What would you add now?


Have you ever contributed to a time capsule? Back
in school, my 7th or 8th grade history glass put together a time capsule.

I couldn't figure out what in the world would be good enough to put in our capsule. Finally, I grabbed one of my dad's IBM computer punch cards like is pictured above and turned it in as my contribution. At the time, I thought it was pretty chintzy and not a very good entry. I mean, Dad had hundreds of these cards all over the dining room table all the time. They were a cheap little pieces of paper, nothing exciting (I thought back then), and a cop out. That was approximately 1974, so 34 years ago.

Looking back, I think I probably had the best entry. O
f course, the card I put in was a manila color, not pink like the picture above. I'd love to open that time capsule now and see the other entries. Unfortunately, I don't remember what anybody else put in.

What was popular in 1974? I did a google search to help me remember and it came up w

mood rings - remember those weird things? They changed color, supposedly telling you and the world what mood you were in when you were wearing them.

Pet rocks. Very communicative and noisy creatures.

k Tape Players. Did you ever have the tape unwind on you? What a mess!

lava lamps. These are still alive and well at Spencers. My oldest son loves these things and he wasn't born until 1980.

Billy Beer - Remember President Jimmy Carter's annoying brother Billy who was constantly embarrassing him? Not that I ever saw one of these babies close up, but I remember hearing about it.

If I had time, I'd come up with other things that we may have added. Somehow, I doubt my history teacher, I think his name was Mr. Breen, would have put a can of "Billy Beer" into our capsule. Oh well...

Anyway, what did you add to your time capsules and what year did you do it? Come on, share! I want to hear.

Part 2. What if we were to get together and put together a time capsule in February 2008. What would you put in it?

Um, I think I would put in the following items (If I could afford these things, that is - that's the beauty of just talking about it online).


Cell phones

MP3 player

DVD movies

Flash Drives

Game Boys

I'm sure there are so many other things I could add, that I'm forgetting, that I don't have time to find. So what else would you like to add to a time capsule today? Do tell!


Molly Daniels said...

Laptop. 3 1/2 floppy disks. CD's. Digital clock/watch. VCR/DVD player. Analog TV.

Unknown said...

Wow! We'll have to have a huge time capsule. But if we did, those would be great items to include.

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