Saturday, March 29, 2008

Another meme

Here's another meme. What can I say? They're fun.

What were you doing 10 years ago? I was doing pretty much the same thing as I’m doing now. I worked for my same employer, in the customer service department as I still do. However, I was the lone employee in the department and now there’s 12 of us and I’m manager.

My oldest son and his fiancée (now wife) had just told us they were pregnant and so we were planning their wedding and preparing for our first grandson. I was tripping out that I was only 39 and going to be a grandma. What were you doing 1 year ago? A year ago I was debating whether or not to continue with taekwondo and decided not to. I was getting back into my writing, not that I had left it completely, but had let myself get sidetracked with taekwondo and something else that turned out to be less than worthwhile.

Five snacks you enjoy Fried Plantains sushi nachos and salsa Rainbow sherbet in a waffle cone Auntie Em's soft pretzels

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire Pay off my mortgage! Travel overseas a lot Quit the day job or at least only work part time there, and devote full time to my writing Repair my house and redecorate Buy a second house in Ohio near my dad Five bad habits Eating too much of the wrong things blog hopping (too much that is) Not exercising nearly enough Interrupting people (I don’t mean to, honestly) Worrying about what other people think Five things you like doing Reading Writing Watching movies walking (long walks outside and also inside at the gym on the treadmill) blogging. Five things you would never wear again halter tops socks with toes bell bottoms permed hair peasant dresses Five favorite toys My alpha smart lap top MP3 player digital photo frame not sure what the fifth would be And, finally, five bloggers to tag for this I think my friends are getting tired of being tagged, so feel free to tag yourself and let me know so I can see your answers. :)

I tagged myself from this blog. Check it out.


Jan said...

More fun stuff to learn about you! I love reading all the meme's...but really get stressed when I'm tagged! I'm an oddball..I know!


Cath said...

Hi Ashley! You do give us loads of insight into you. It's great! I might pick this one up and post on it later if that's ok.

Did you pick up your "You made my day" award at mine yet?

Suburban Correspondent said...

From your list of things you would never wear again, I can tell we are contemporaries. But I'm not a grandma yet...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Always nice to see a new face hanging around...

Gill said...

I'm so glad you tagged yourself Ashley. I loved reading your answers. BTW biltong is pretty much South Africa's "national food" - it is basically spiced dried meat and is not nearly as gross as it sounds!!

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