Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mad Blogger

Yikes! This would probably be me and one of my cats.

I hope you had a very happy Easter. We did.

Since I've not heard back from the insurance company or the doctor's office, I have to go tot he day job tomorrow. I was really hoping to have vacation this week. It's unsettling not knowing what's going on about the surgery or vacation yet.

However, if I can get the surgery and vacation next week, I can sleep in as the kids will be on Spring Break and they'll be sleeping in. Of course, then I'd also have to put up with the kids arguing all day long...

We're watching a sci-fi movie about the moon breaking up and perhaps Armageddon. Um...this theme sounds very familiar. Of course, are there no original plots. The hubby turned this on and I thought I was the one that liked end of the world movies. This one's pretty boring so far. Or
maybe I'm more into blogging and not paying close enough attention.

I'm not prejudiced and I believe in live and let die and all that, but this is just weird.


Cheryl said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll have to check out your writing. You have so many blogs! Good luck with the surgery...I hope it happens. Happy Easter to you!

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by Cheryl. This is my main blog but I'm also part of the team at RomErotica Writers Blog and my publishers blogs at TEB and NCP.

Cath said...

Hi Ashley - thanks for stopping by mine again. I was editing the post as you stopped as I couldn't get the pictures spaced properly and they were on top of each other - sorted now and it looks better!
Loved that last photo - maybe weird or just desperation!
And the laptop and cat - that's me too. Or rather, my cat. ;)

Casdok said...

That pic is weird!!
Happy Easter!

Phoenix said...

Had surgery last week. I don't envy you. Will have it again in two weeks. Sounds like we should be hanging out and passing the darvocet.

Fortunately for my writing, I've been couch bound and pecking out pages pretty well. May you have the same success. Luck to you!

captain corky said...

That rabbit definitely has rabies. I just know these things. ;)

Brynn Paulin said...

What the HECK is THAT!!!!

Unknown said...

I mean, that rabbit and the chicken is just WRONG. LOL. Remember in Galaxy Quest when the engineer is getting it on with the octopus girl and the extra says "Ooh, that's just wrong." This reminds me of that. :)

I thought I wrote kinky sex, but not that kinky. :)

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