Sunday, March 30, 2008

New name and new design

Do you notice a change? Take a wild gander.

Of course you do. It's radically different.

Both the design and name of my blog are different. I think the name will remain this. I was having trouble thinking of a good name and now I have it. I write about happily ever after. Duh!!!

Kudos and credit goes to Judith Shakespeare at designs. Her work is awesome, isn't it? You have to see her other designs. She's amazing.

I admit, I tried to make my own design with PSP and whereas it wasn't bad, it was nothing like this. My daughters are the artists in the family, in particular daughter #1 the graphic design major (well, associates degree so far), but even though I've literally begged them to come up with something like this for me, they've both sworn their minds were blank. So, I got tired of waiting.

I found Judith's site as I was blog hopping around a new blog hopper's group I found just last night. I really didn't believe it when I saw the link for "affordable blog and website designs" but on a whim, I clicked anyway. It really is affordable - for moi anyway. With 4 kids still at home and a big mortgage and living in a very expensive part of the country, I'm pretty stingy on what I spend money on.

As a published author, I wanted my site to look more professional. Now I have to also do something for my site as well. But that will have to wait till next month or so. I think I'll wait for Judith to have room in her schedule to get a completely original design for that one. This design will be retired after only 3 so that's not bad. I've been using this as my main site lately, so I updated this first.

Sooooo, do you like it? Does the title sound appropriate for a romance writer? And the design? I almost went with the waittress mom as I "dish up romance and dirt" but then I decided my romances are all about Happily Ever After.

Once again, thanks Judith! I didn't expect to see anything till Tuesday at earliest according to your notes.


Jan said...

Well, I am lovin' THIS! Looks great!


Unknown said...

Thanks Bax! I'm loving it, too. I wish I could do art work like this. Guess I have to stick to the writing and let the artists do their thing. :)

1stopmom said...

thanks for stopping by! you still have one more night to try to win some stuff at Mommies United!I have not won anything yet, but I got my fingers crossed. At the Ultimate blog party I won a amazon gift card and a t-shirt. I am really glad you stopped by, i was just telling my hubby I did not get a chance to blog hop this weekend. I love the look of your blog, it looks really professional. I wish i had those type of skills. I can't wait to come back and visit I am a big reader. Nice meeting you!!!

Ed (zoesdad) said...

The new look is great (of course, I didn't see the old one).

Unknown said...

Very nice

Phoenix said...

Very nice! I'm gonna go check out Judith's site. Thanks for the info!

Unknown said...

Thanks all and yes, do check out Judith's site. I love her designs.

Vi said...

looks fab Ashley!

Brynn Paulin said...

I really like it.She does good work.

Nicole McCaffrey said...

This looks great, Ashley! Very colorful and eye-catching!

Cath said...

Looks great Ashley - I much prefer it actually to the all pink. Not that it matters because it is YOUR blog!

I love this look, and the title (I'll change it now on my blogroll) and your signature at the end. Nice touch. Well done!

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