Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Which book do I write next? (and answers about the Alpha Smart)

I stayed home from work ill today. I'm feeling quite a bit better, but am still relaxing. Actually, I'm blog hopping again. I'll start editing in a few minutes and do some writing later if I still feel okay.

For those of you who are writers, how many stories do you have running around in your head right now? How many do you have started that you have to finish?

I have approximately twenty stories started that I need to finish. There's at least ten more that I'm itching to write. I'm not sure which one to finish or start next.

It's a real dilemma. Help me out here.

Of course I have to do my edits on the book scheduled to come out April 7th at www.total-e-bound.com. That's a given.

But then what?

I'm going to Lori Foster's Readers N Writers' Get Together in Cincinnati this summer where I have one editor and one agent appointment set up. I still have some polishing to do for that manuscript so it will be ready. Right? Of course! It's almost done - I hope. That depends on what my critique partners tell me about the last few chapters. It's a sweet Harlequin-Silhouette contemporary type novel, and I hope "the one" to break me into the big time publishers and round me up an agent.

Then, however, is the sequel for an Ellora's Cave book - to Make-Believe Lover.

Then there's other sweet Harlequin-Silhouette books that are sequels to the one I'm going to pitch in June.

Then there's a sequel to a story I wrote for NCP that I'm dying to write.

Oh! There's another sequel almost done for an Ellora's Cave book also, that I need to finish and spice up. I've only been working on this one going on ten years. That's all. It's about time I finish this one.

But then there's also the erotic romance stories for TEB which I'm on a roll with. I hate to slow down my momentum there, either, but I need to speed up my momentum again with Ellora's Cave and NCP.

What to do?

I have vacation scheduled from the day job next week. I hope to get some quality writing time in (and not blog hop all day long every day). Of course, if things go right, I will get my hearing implant next Wednesday so I won't be in any shape to write, edit, or play on the Internet (at least I doubt it) for the rest of my week's vacation. By next Wednesday night, I hope to be part Borg. :)

By that for you non-Trekkies and/or who haven't seen my earlier post about the BAHA hearing implant, there will be a metal post sticking out the back of my head about the size of a hearing aid battery. Since I'm a woman and wear my hair long, it probably won't be discernible once my hair grows back. I'm sure they'll have to shave a bit of it to do the surgery. Waaa! I finally get my hair the way I like it and it'll get ruined. But it's a small price to pay.

So pray for the insurance company to get their head out of their asses and approve my surgery. They denied it three years ago because they thought it sounded like a hearing aid. It's not a hearing aid. I didn't fight it last time. This time, I'm fighting it. I could kick myself for not fighting it before - but I'm older and wiser now. As I mentioned, they denied it again, but I'm fighting.

Back to yesterday's discussion so I can answer your questions.

For those of you who wonder what an alpha smart is, here's a pic. I found it at: www.alphasmart.com. This model goes for $350. They have more expensive models.

This model of the Alpha Smart includes:

Rechargeable battery pack
AC adapter
Documents To Go Professional (Provides compatibility with Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint®)
USB cable
Getting Started Guide
Palm™ Desktop Software
Additional applications, fonts, and other bonus software


Cath said...

That is one smart Alpha Smart!
Hope all goes well with surgery. I am part Borg too but I can take the bits out and recharge at night! lol

Use the time to chill. If you can't sit up to type etc, why not get a dictaphone and talk your ideas through to yourself? Might work.

Peace. :0)

Unknown said...

Good idea, Cath. I'm ADHD so we'll see how well I can sit still. As it was, today I gave my blog a new makeover. Do you like it? I can't get the slide show to work yet, though. :(

I'll have to work on that after my meeting tonight.

Diva's Thoughts said...

I'd love to actually write a book and have it published but I have not idea on how to get the thng published. lol

Sandra Cox said...

Good luck with the implant. Keep us posted. Do you have an alphie and do you like it?

Unknown said...

Hey, I like the new colours - excellent...and I have a zillion stories banging back and forward in my skull

captain corky said...

Insurance companies suck! But somehow I bet you know that.

Will you be able to kill your enemies with a sonic disrupter from the implant? If so, go after the insurance company first.

I hope you're feeling better and good luck with all the books. ;)

Molly Daniels said...

How many stories in my head? Let's see...#8,9,12, 13 and editing #14 in my series, with #10 and 11 swirling up there as well sometimes...and then there's 3 unrelated to the series...and edits on my 2nd and 3rd erotica, as well as finishing my 1st erotica story. That's what, 13 stories up there? Hey...13 is my lucky number....

So now if I get to Cincinnatti, I can recognize you! Or is it too late to reserve a spot? We decided to pay medical bills instead of reservations for me.

I'd love a chance to try out an Alpha...just to see if my desk is causing the carpel probs...

And love the new look!

Phoenix said...

I think I have two alpha smarts. I need to go check for sure because I'm not sure they work. Must go check.

Love the new blog layout and header picture by the way.

Bronwyn Green said...

Good luck with the surgery, Ashley!

Brynn Paulin said...

Do your edits...

Unknown said...

Yes, Brynn. Right away, Brynn. Soon as I get home from the day job, Brynn.

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