Friday, April 04, 2008

Book Reviews - Wedding Jitters and The Prince of Love

I just finished two great books so I thought I'd share my reviews. I'm always looking for a good book, so in case you are, I give both of these high recommendations.

Review: Wedding Jitters

By Brynn Paulin

Published by Ellora’s Cave

I was the lucky recipient of Brynn Paulin’s prize, erotic short story “Wedding Jitters”. When I say ‘lucky’, I was much more.

This is one hot short story, the eroticism pouring forth on almost every page.

In this story, Dara Farine has a secret. She is a wing-sprouting, pointy-eared, magic-wielding fairy which is the bane of her existence. She wants to be normal like her sisters and to achieve her goal she is preparing to marry very normal, a.k.a boring, Tom Smith, fellow accountant. That is until the very sexy fairy prince, Merritt Fae, is sent to bring her home to his people and recognizes her as his soul mate.

What can I say? If you love fairies, if you love hot romance, you’ll love this story. Don’t deny yourself pleasure as Dara Farine. Click over to Ellora’s Cave and tune into pleasure.

The Royal Chronicles Book Three: Prince of Love

by Donna Grant

Reviewed by Ashley Ladd

Published by Total-e-Bound

The Royal Chronicles Book Three: Prince of Love by Donna Grant is a truly magical romance set in the land of the Fae, mystical creatures, curses, and fated love. Prince Sorin Sinclair and his brothers must not only find and marry their true mates but return home safely before the end of the fifth moon or their entire kingdom of Drahcir will vanish. Prince Sorin’s been searching for some time for his mate when he hears a most beautiful, golden laugh and knows he has finally found her. Convincing Lady Katrina she is his true love and to marry him if only part of his challenge. They must survive the evil Tnarg who is out to murder all of them and who will stop at nothing. Nor will she be able to see her beloved family again should she follow her heart’s desire. Sorin knows if he fails his mission, not only will he and Katrina die horrible deaths, but everybody in Drahcir will cease to exist. Erotic romance heats the pages of this beautiful story until its feverish, magical end. Sorin is truly a prince among men while Katrina is more than worthy of being his princess. I thoroughly enjoyed the romance and devoured it in one sitting. I’m hungry to read the rest of The Royal Chronicles and everything else this extremely talented author has penned.

What books have you read lately? Which ones have you enjoyed?


Donna Grant said...

What a wonderful review, Ashley! Thank you so much, doll.


Unknown said...

You're very welcome, Donna. Glad you like it. I really liked your book. :)

Brynn Paulin said...

I'm running a bit behind, but thank you so much! I appreciate the review and your kind words!

BTW, love what you're doing with your blog. It's an awesome read.

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