Sunday, April 06, 2008

Drama Queen, cost of groceries, and contest news

Isn't a drama queen supposed to be a female?

In my house it's the 13 year old monster - male monster. He's blond and cute as can be - when he's not having a melt down, accusing everybody of trying to kill him and spewing other hatred.

I recently awoke and I'm already worn out. Whew!

He was at it again - accusing his oldest sister and her friend of saying they were going to kill him. I'd be concerned if I took them literally, which I don't. I also know the little monster usually starts the fights by doing and/or saying mean things. He's the baby of the family and he takes it to the extremes.

Calgon take me away!!! Why oh why didn't I beg, borrow, and steal so I could go away for the week to RT with all the other romance writers, cover models, and readers and have a blast instead of this??? (That ear surgery that never happened, that's why).

Yesterday, I went to the grocery to get a FEW items - juice, yogurt, bread, fruit - and spent $67.00! I shopped at Walmart, the supposedly cheap grocery store. Okay, I also got milk, cereal (only 1 box), cheese, and 1 box of lean pockets (which the 13 year old monster ate before I could get even one of them), 2 jars of Prego sauce, and 2 cans of ravioli. Just a small grocery run for our family of 6.

That took almost the entire royalty check from one publisher - a publisher where I had a book in the top 10 seller list the month that check was from.

Guess I have to produce even more books just to stay afloat with my army of eaters.

No way could I quit the day job and be a SAHM - we'd starve. That's probably my biggest fantasy - to be a SAHM. But then of course, the 13 year old monster would drive me even crazier than he already does.

Speaking of fantasies, we now have entries in the Favorite Fantasy contest so the contest is on! Start voting for your favorite fantasy. Send your friends and family here to vote. Let's make it a real contest.

If you've not sent your fantasy to me, be sure to send it now so I can post it. The longer it's up, the more chance you have to accumulate votes.

One rule I forgot to state is that the first person to send a fantasy to me is the one that will be posted. I had two today that I read at almost the same time so I posted both. But I had to differentiate them - what else could I do? - so I listed them as #1 and #2. If you're the person who gave me that fantasy (and that was the only fantasy you gave to me) - you're welcome to send another fantasy to me.

And here is the deal again for anyone who didn't read it yesterday:

In honor of my soon-to-be released book WILD FANTASIES, I'm going to hold a second contest for the month of April 2008.

Tell me what fantasy you'd like to live out if you had your own holodec? Would it be to make love with a werewolf? A vampire? Or something completely different? (Mine are listed quite vividly in WILD FANTASIES. :) )

Whoever has the most fun or erotic fantasy (as judged by the most votes in the poll) will win a $20.00 gift certificate to from me. I'll post your fantasies in a poll for the month of April for my readers to vote on. Whoever gets the most votes, will win. I'll announce the winner at the beginning of May. Email it to me at: or leave it in a comment on my blog at: (As my email box fills up some days I'm at the day job, make sure you get a reply from me or resend again if you haven't heard from me within two days. The sooner you get your fantasy in, the more votes you can accumulate. This means tell your friends and family to come and vote for their favorite fantasy, too.)

Also, don't miss my regular monthly contest at my blog. To win a free download book, leave me at least one comment during the month of April on my blog at It's that simple.

Remember, if you vote, to leave a comment. That way you're entered for the second, monthly contest. The more times you comment, the more times your name will be in the hat and the better your chances of being selected.

Also, y'all pop over to to see my recently published parenting articles - under my name of Ashley Ladd. One was just posted today.


Molly Daniels said...

Do you have a CVS pharmacy, Ashley? Milk is only $2.79 a gallon, as opposed to nearly $4 or more at Walmart! I refuse to buy it over $3 if I can help it! Buy it in quantities and FREEZE it!

Unknown said...

I need to remember to go to CVS (I didn't know it was cheaper at CVS as I rarely shop at CVS) or to Walgreens. Our deep freeze is already stuffed, but I'll have make room as we love milk.

I went back to the store today and bought cat food, laundry soap, hose, and some ham. Again, I spent almost as much as I spent yesterday. I'm not buying the most expensive brands, either.

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