Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

My Thirteen Favorite TV Shows of All Time
I'm bushed tonight, so I'm not going to expound too much. Beyond having an extremely busy day at work, I finished the Heat Wave story I'm writing for TEB and I watched daughter #2 play a tournament game - her team won and she got the game ball for her awesome catching tonight. 1.... American Idol! (Season 4 was the best, but Season 5 and this year are good, too) 2.... Smallville (duh! I love Superman) 3.... Star Trek (the original series) 4.... Star Trek Voyager 5.... Sliders 6.... McHale's Navy 7.... Hogan's Heroes 8.... Charmed 9.... Scarecrow & Mrs. King 10... Lois & Clark (see #2) 11... Star Trek Next Generation 12... Bewitched 13... I Dream of Genie
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Unknown said...

Scarecrow and Mrs King - I remember that one...wasn't on long but it was amusing

Vi said...

I'm with you on Superman! I watch Lois and Clark repeats at 3pm everyday! (kids don't seem to think much of it though) And then Charmed is followed at 4pm! I never get sick of those repeats!

Phoenix said...

Sliders!!! I was so ticked when they took it off the air.

Also, The Pretender, Dirt, Brothers & Sisters

Paige Tyler said...

Oh yes, I absolutely love Charmed and I Dream of Jeannie!


My TT is at

Utter Basketcase said...

*GiGGLEs* I don't know half of these to be honest! :-P xx

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