Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American Idol Finale - Spoiler Warming

There's no way I can NOT blog about American Idol tonight. If I didn't, you'd know aliens took over my body.

My David won!!!

My friends here know that David Cook is my David. If only I was younger and single...

I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo very happy. Did you hear me screaming for joy? I'm sure my Aussie and English friends could hear me. No one can hear me now as I have no voice left. But that's okay as long as Cook can sing and I can hear.

I was sooooo pissed though. Right as AI was beginning to announce the winner, one of DH's cronies came to the door and the dogs went crazy. When my dogs go crazy, they're louder than me screaming. Did you hear them? I was ready to murder these extremely discourteous men. How dare they interrupt the final moment on Idol.

Then as David Cook was singing the winning Idol song, DS#3 got out of bed long enough to try and talk through it. Then DS#3 got angry at me when I asked him to be quiet through the song.

Y'all, we need bigger and more spaceships for this Mars mission to take the men back. I've decided, however, to let Bobbie the cat stay here on Earth with me. He's being a sweet heart again.

My younger daughter drew this cartoon below - it's supposed to be a Martian apologizing to the women of Earth for supplying the space ship to the men for coming. Too bad the dialogue isn't larger.

Oh! I also want to congratulate both Davids. Both did awesome and both are winners. Although Cook has been my fav all season, I do recognize he's also very talented.

And Jason sang Hallejulah again. I think he's awesome, too.

Michael Johns and Carly really should have finished higher. I still think they're awesome, too. This was a fantastic season FULL of great talent. My favorite season is still Season 4 with Carrie, Bo, and Constantine, but this season runs a very close second.

I'm already having AI withdrawal and I'll be watching my reruns.

It was also funny tonight. Ben Stiller and Jack Black were the back up "dancers" to Gladys Knight, and of course, they were hilarious. Hopefully I can find a You Tube clip of it for you and if so, I'll post it. :)

And Donna Summer came out of retirement. I was the disco queen in the 70s. Ask my friends, I LIVED at the disco, first in Ohio, and then in Mississippi.

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Molly Daniels said...

Yay David! Hahahaha...woke up yesterday with no voice, Ashley:) I guess we were screaming in unison!

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