Friday, May 23, 2008

Outrageous Prices - It's getting tough to support the family


I just got paid today by my day job and between the electric, water, gas, and food, I'm almost broke. And there's two weeks till the next payday. Then I help hubby pay the mortgage.

I got this suggestion at work today, and I'm seriously thinking about using it. I mean, it's now $60.00 a tank of gas for my van and that lasts a week.

When I started driving, gas cost around 60 cents a gallon. And my parents were complaining about the inflationary price of gas then. That was in the mid '70s.

I went to buy meat at Publix (a big grocery store chain in Florida where my son Keith also works) and I hardly purchased any. I'll see if Walmart's prices are any better tomorrow.

I see I need to write write write just to feed the family.

Oh! And I think I'm sending the kids outdoors to sell lemonade on the street.


Utter Basketcase said...

Life is ridiculously expensive atm!!! We are feeling it too! xx

Phoenix said...

That's inflated too. I think just to cover cost of purchasing the lemons (which are suffering a drought), gas to get them, sugar, labor with minimum wage.... you'd be looking at about $5 a glass. Add some cookies and it skyrocks to $7.

Unknown said...

Money - the necessary evil and the pursuit of it is all consuming

Unknown said...

Yeah, I guess I'd lose money selling lemonade, too.

Meat was a little better price at Walmart today. But I spent more than I meant to. The family had better make this food last two weeks as that's it. If not, they'll be eating peanut butter sandwiches all week.

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