Monday, June 30, 2008

Alpha Smart Woes - again


I was good today. I took my Alpha Smart to Barnes & Nobles and wrote for four hours straight. I was smoking!

Two hours into my writing, however, I lost, yes LOST, two segments of writing on the Alpha Smart. I don't know how. I didn't hit the send or erase keys. The batteries were brand new, although that shouldn't have mattered Aanyway. I didn't have to "SAVE" as the alphie automatically saves everything.

And yet, approximately 6,000 words of my work mysteriously disappeared.

Ouch! Major ouch!!!

I almost gave up and went home I was so discouraged. But it was merely 5:00 pm and Sunday night loomed large with nothing else to do.

So I stayed and took a chance and started all over, even though I was fuming.

Funny thing was, I didn't know if I was fuming at myself for accidentally hitting the wrong keys, or if I was mad at the stupid Alpha Smart for losing my work. Actually, I hope it was my dumb mistake rather than have my Alpha Smart be defective and thus ineffectual for future work.

Fortunately, the second time, the work saved and I finished the story and uploaded it to my computer when I got home. A short story, I've already re-read it and sent it winging on its way to my editor at TEB.

Another friend that I met at Lori Foster's event in Cincinnati is imploring me to write for Belle Books, so I'm going to start something new for that now and see what happens. But it's a completely different type of book. First, I need to read a couple (or more) to make sure I get the tone right. I have so many projects still in progress, however, I'm not sure I shouldn't finish those first.

Also, getting back to my alpha smart ordeal, I decided to treat myself to an ice cream cone afterward. So I took a stroll down The Walk and visited an ice cream parlor I've had my eye on for a long time. Figuring it couldn't be much more expensive than say Cold Stone, I ordered two dips of chocolate in a waffle cone. To my horror, the damned cone cost almost $8.00. For one ice cream cone? That ice cream had better have been imported! That's highway robbery! It wasn't even that good. Cold Stone and Carvel and Dairy Queen is far superior. Never again will I buy anything without checking out the price first. I just never dreamed anyone would charge so much for ice cream. I could have bought the family a couple gallons of the stuff for that.

So, up to that point, my day wasn't exactly stellar. But I had a nice surprise awaiting me in my in box when I got home. Bless you, Kerensa, of "Crave More Romance" at

I'll let you read what she said and see why it made my day.

"I've just finished BEST MATES and couldn't get enough of it. Talk about sexy men! I'd just love to feature my review of Best Mates as this Thursday's Tempt Me pick of the week. I've gone ahead and pasted my review of BEST MATES in this email. Thank you so much for sharing it with us at CMR."

As you may recall, "Best Mates" is one of the short stories in the "Brit Party" anthology published by

Here's a snippet of her review: "Best Mates is both heartwarming and deliciously sensual. Ms. Ladd knows just how to make her readers tremble with anticipation with each sentence she delivers. Her characters are genuine enough to make every reader’s heart swell, even for those who don’t typically enjoy reading ménage romance. There is no doubt in my mind that readers everywhere will be anxiously awaiting more of Ms. Ladd’s writing after finishing BEST MATES."

Awesome, huh? I'm pumped. And I'm now a big fan of Kerensa, too. :)


Unknown said...

$8 for ice cream!!!! That's insane...unless the cone was the same height as you then that would be acceptable

captain corky said...

I would not have been happy if I lost 6000 words. I remember back in the old days when blogger didn't have auto-save, but that was a long time ago... Almost two years. I think. ;)

Molly Daniels said...

Congrats on the review! Yeah, that ice cream was waaaaay overpriced. Cold Stone rules! We have a Zanders with wonderful Brownie Batter ice cream...our local version of Cold Stone, as CS is an hour's drive away!

Phoenix said...

Very good review after all that Alpha stuff and $8 cones. come to my place and I'll give you a cone for free. I'll even put fudge on it if you want.

$8. Ugh. You could buy a tub of it in the store for less than that.

Unknown said...

If you were closer, Kelly, I'd gladly take you up on that ice cream.

Um, I'm hungry for more ice cream now.

anny cook said...

Congrats on the review!

They overcharged you for the ice cream! Think I would have handed it back and said thanks, but no thanks!

Unknown said...

I've been thinking that, Annie. I can't remember if I'd already licked it before I found out the price. I think that was the case. Next time, I'll ask the price before I get it dipped up.

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