Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cell phone courtesy

Cell phones really irritate me. This subject, btw, started over on the TEB blog yesterday when Aurora Rose Lynn bemoaned people conducting their private cell phone conversations in very public places. Why not check out her post, too? (AFTER you read mine of course) I hate it hate it hate it! when I'm at lunch with someone, when it's supposed to be my private time with them, and instead, they spend half or more of the time chatting on their cell phone to someone else. I almost got up and walked out on a couple of people who did that to me. It makes me think twice about going out with them again. Obviously, I wasn't very important to them if they ignored me... My hubby infuriates me on this subject. He gets angry when I don't answer my cell phone right away. He thinks, like probably most callers, that we on the other end should drop everything else, interrupt meetings, ignore our other friends, so we can conduct private business in front of other people or wreck the car in heavy traffic??? During the work day or when I'm out to eat or working at the bookstore, I put my cell phone on vibrate. I tell people in advance I don't answer the cell phone at work, that if it's urgent or an emergency to call me on my work phone. Almost everybody forgets or perhaps they think I'll answer the cell phone anyway. Some sound peeved that I don't pick up. Personally, I long for the freedom we had before these little buggers were ever invented. It scares me when I see people talking on the damned cell phone when they're backing up their vehicle or trying to do some other complicated maneuver while driving. I can't be bothered with a cell phone in my car.... I am too busy making finger gestures at ever It's extremely annoying when someone's cell phone chirps during a staff meeting and the speaker is so disrespected and sometimes loses his train of thought, when all heads turn toward the sound. I also hate it when the hubby talks on his blue tooth all the time and I can't tell at first if he's talking to me or to someone else. He gets mad if I don't answer him if he's talking to me and he also gets mad if I do answer and he's talking to someone else. Personally, I'm about to throw that no good gadget in the canal behind the house.


barbara huffert said...

Oh I hate those blue tooth things! My cell came with one and I've never gotten it out of the box not will I.

When I'm out with someone, I leave my cell on until they get there, in case they run into a problem. Then I turn it off until we leave. As I see it when I'm with you, you get my undivided attention.

Unknown said...

I'm with you. I think people deserve our undivided attention, too. That's why they can leave messages.

Unknown said...

I walk off on people if they favour me over the cell phone. This usually makes 'em get the hint straight away

LynTaylor said...

Yep. Totally agree. You'll see my comment over at the TEB blog :D

The other thing that gives me the irrits is texting. I recall having spent a few New Years Eves with friends. 12pm came and everyone was too busy texting others to actually stop and wish those people around them a Happy New Year. Sad.

Molly Daniels said...

Hubby has seen more than one accident caused by people talking on cell phones. And then they looked totally surprised when they plowed into someone, like 'how dare you stop so suddenly?'

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