Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Thirteen Things I like about being on vacation

Thirteen Things I like about being on vacation
1.... I can sleep late. 2.... I get to relax. 3.... I don't have to listen to screaming kids (or coworkers). 4.... I can do what I want, when I want. 5.... I get to visit with family and old friends. 6.... I get to see new places. 7.... I get to do new things. 8.... I don't have to dress up. 9.... I get to eat what I want. 10... I can play on the computer at different times of the day. 11... I don't have to do housework (much). 12... I don't have to fight rush hour traffic. 13... I get a feel for what my life used to be like. HOWEVER, I really miss my kids, my pets, and my other friends back home. Sue me. :) Why can't everyone I love be in the same place altogether???
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Phoenix said...

Kind of like everyday for me. ;)

Unknown said...

Kelly, I'm so totally green with envy, now.

My everyday is frantic. Get the kids to school/work, work all day - deal with angry donors and often angrier co-workers, then go home and deal with fighting kids, run back out to softball games, and try to fit in some walking and writing before bed again. :)

You mean I really have to get on that hamster wheel again starting next week? :(

Anonymous said...

If everyone was in the same place, then you wouldn't have anyone to visit!

Unknown said...

and if everyone was in the same place they may not be as appealing as they are from a distance.

Paige Tyler said...

Love vacations!


My TT is at

Sandra Cox said...

Enjoy it while you can:)

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