Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How often is too often to publish our stories?

How often is too often to publish our stories? I’ve been a writing machine lately. Okay, I usually write a lot but lately, I’ve been writing shorter stories instead of epics that take a year to write, so I’ve made several submissions to my editor. When I got my last communication from her, she asked me if it would be okay to bump my November story to January so we could put my newer (Christmas) story in that slot because our publisher prefers not to publish books by the same author more frequently than every 6 weeks. Not that I mind moving one of my books back to squeeze in another one of my books, but I think perhaps it’s time for me to write longer books and to spread the wealth again.

As a reader, tell me, do you mind if authors are prolific? Or does that annoy you? Do you get tired of seeing the same authors on the shelves?

Is there such a thing as too many books, too much promotion, too much name recognition? Everybody at work got sick to death of the Geico gecco because the airwaves were saturated with him. We all cracked up at Internet jokes showing the gecco getting his. What do you think?


Molly Daniels said...

IMHO, I wish some authors wouldn't be so prolific...I'm waaaay behind on their books. But as an author, I applaud you guys because of your talent, and hope I get to that level some day! So there's good and bad sides. Of course, if I could just afford to buy the books faster...and I only buy what I'll read that week.

Anika Hamilton said...

I like when my favorite authors have new books constantly being released because it means I will never be without. Being without is something I absolutely dread.

I'm with Molly on the point that I wish to be as prolific someday.

Phoenix said...

I would Love to have my books out every month... as an author. As a business minded person, it makes more sense to create the anticipation needed to spur sales and get everyone geared up again from one book to the next. As a reader, I even enjoy the anticipation. How bout every other month then?

Unknown said...

I'm shooting for every other month having a release if not more.

DD#2 is always saying she can't wait for this or that book in a series.

Good. I'm hearing what I'd hoped to.

Sandra Cox said...

I love prolific authors. If its a favorite of mine, I'll read everything I can get my hands on that they've written.

Unknown said...

I think you do what you do and people read what they read and somehow it all works out in the end

captain corky said...

Just take full advantage of all the inspiration you have right now and keep writing.

Regina Carlysle said...

Okay, I'm a glutton. I want more more more of my favorite authors. They are auto buys. Lately I've been writing shorter stories too. Mainly because I'm shooting for more name recognition. Figure the more that's out there, the better. Later I'll slow down and do something longer. Once that was all I wrote but dang, it takes so long to reach the end and I'm impatient these days.

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