Saturday, July 05, 2008

Productive Day

I had a very productive day today. I finished a short Christmas story that I began yesterday. Of course, I camped out at Borders today, and I also wrote for a long time on the 4th of July. It's already been reread and sent to my editor at TEB. The first Christmas story I began didn't turn out to be erotic, nor could I turn it that way, so I think I'll write that with an eye to submitting to Belle Books for their Mossy Creek series. We'll see. I need to read more in the Mossy Creek series before I can be sure it's a match. I couldn't find it in Borders, so I'll look in B&N. If I don't find it there, I'll have to break down and order it online. I watched my favorite Christmas movie, "White Christmas", yesterday to get in the Christmas mood. I wanted to watch "Scrooged", too, but we couldn't find it. Anyway, like I thought, the kids thought I was nuts for watching a Christmas movie on July 4th. I know it was a really weird day to watch it, but hey, I had the day off the day job for once so I had extra time I don't normally get. Hubby was off umpiring, so I had control of the TV. Of course I watched what I wanted to watch. I really wanted to finish that story today so I can concentrate on the family tomorrow without itching to write or feeling guilty that I was ignoring work. First, I have to take one of the cats to the vet and then the kids want to go bowling. Maybe after bowling, I'll get a chance to write more. Damn! It's hard to be addicted to something, as I am to writing. Do you ever feel that way?


Unknown said...

I think, like me, you are working outside of the home so whetever writing time you can get you protect it from interference. I don't believe I could write in a bookstore. And I've never heard of the Mossy Creek thing...must have a look at it now though

Molly Daniels said...

We went to Colorado seven years ago, and my family thought I was nuts because I took my notebook with me everywhere. And when we got to RMNP, I opted to not climb the Illuvial Fan (rock slide several years back) with hubby and kids, but perched on a boulder and wrote for 90 minutes.

It paid off; last year I wrote a story set in Estes Park.

Sandra Cox said...

I loved the pic:)
Yay for productivity!!!

Nicole McCaffrey said...

I noticed a couple channels were playing Christmas movies on the Fourth, Ashley, so you're not alone!

I wish I was addicted to writing! Every time I get back in the swing of it and into a schedule, something comes along and messes it up, and I have to start all over again!

Best of luck with the holiday story!

Unknown said...

Yeah, Amarinda, I work a full time day job outside the home, so I have to make my writing time optimal. If I stay home to write, even if I put on earphones or ear plugs, the family still pokes and prods me to get my attention. Plus, the Internet calls to me, distracting me further. When I go to the bookstore, I still put on earphones or ear plugs, but I'm usually not interrupted, at least not nearly as much.

Unknown said...

Nicole - I've long heard of Christmas in July, but I figured no one but me would watch Christmas movies on July 4th. I don't feel so weird now, thanks. Not that I really mind feeling weird. I kinda like being different.

Lady in red said...

I'm not very good at going back to finish a piece later, I find that I lose impetus. Much better if I can write the whole story in one go.

I have so many stories that never got finished.

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