Thursday, July 03, 2008


I'm really tired tonight so this won't be long. I just have a couple personal reviews. The hubby took me to see "Hancock" and I was not at all impressed. In fact, I was confused and barring a couple LOL moments, I was bored. I couldn't wait for the movie to end. Usually I love Will Smith, but he didn't save the movie sorry to say. I've not read Pink Truth in quite awhile but checked in today. It's specifically about Mary Kay but this article "More Good Press For Pink Truth" speaks about MLM's in general if you're interested. I admit it. I'm bitter about my experience in Mary Kay. The worst part is that I lost friends and I feel funny going to church where I tried to sell it. My hubby was so angry at me about spending so much money on inventory that we barely spoke for over a year. My kids were upset about it. Okay, I won't go any deeper into it except to say I'm highly embarrassed I was ever associated with it. Read for yourself what others have gone through, similar to and worse than I found: Pink Truth


Molly Daniels said...

Wow Ashley; what an eye-opener!

Happy 4th of July:)

Unknown said...

Like all cults - you're out and you move one..forget them. There's nothing to be embarassed about unless you choose to allow it.

Unknown said...

Definitely, I need to move on. I'm working on it. Almost there.

Unknown said...

I hope everyone had a happy 4th!

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