Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thirteen Thursday edition 12:

Thirteen candies I love

1.... Vanilla French Chew - I used to eat these while in summer camp as a kid. I'd not seen them in years and then Cracker Barrel started carryng them so I was so very happy. Chocolate French Chews are pretty good, but not nearly as awesome as the vanilla. Usually, I like chocolate more than vanilla, so I'm surprised.

2.... Strawberry Starbursts - Cherry and orange Starbursts are okay, but what I really love are the strawberry. Maybe it's a good thing they don't sell only bags of strawberry Starbursts alone or I'd each way too many.

3.... Milky Way bars - they're the best frozen on a hot day. I used to love to eat them while drinking an ice cold Mountain Dew during a day of waterskiing on the Ohio River with Dad.

4.... Strawberry Twizzlers - It's too easy to eat the whole bag, so even though they're a fat free candy, they're dangerous.

5.... Milk Duds - this is my favorite movie candy. Twizzlers come in second place.

6.... Carmello Bars - I love milk chocolate and caramel. These aare the best.

7.... Nestle Crunch Bars

8.... Tootsie Roll Pops (cherry, chocolate, and grape) - These only cost one Weight Watcher point each and they're so very tasty and long lasting that I love these. I can eat these without feeling guilty. You'll see me at the daughter's ball field sucking on these almost every game. Then I'm not as tempted to order a hot dog with big greasy fries.

9.... Fudge - Christmas fudge is the best.

10....Plain Chocolate M&M's - Only plain chocolate, never peanut M&Ms. I'm not a nut lover.

11....Chocolate covered carmels - Reisins but in particular Graters' of Cincinnati. I mentioned above I love milk chocolate and carmels and I particularly love the combination.

12...Chocolate Easter Bunnies

13...Hershey's Kisses

So there's the list of my favorites. What are yours?

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Denise Patrick said...

Like you, I love strawberry starbursts and strawberry twizzlers - those are my non-chocolate addictions. On the other hand - only Peanut M&Ms will do. I don't like the plain. Hershey kisses - the caramel ones are to die for. Beyond that, addictions you didn't mention - Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Fastbreak, and Nutrageous. Can you tell I like chocolate and PB?

Happy TT!

Phoenix said...

Malted milk balls, Hershey Bliss meltaways (new discovery. Yum

Bronwyn Green said...

Hershey's Cheesecake kisses, Dark chocolate toffee bars, reece's peanut butter big cups. Mmmmmm...chocolately goodness.

Paige Tyler said...

Milky Ways. Strawberry Twizzlers, and M&M's! I'd add Snickers, M&M peanuts and Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate!


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Anny Cook said...

Hershey's Almond Bars.

Unknown said...

Hmmm...I don't see Cherry Ripes or Violet Crumble bars so I think you need to taste these before you make a definitive list.

How goes work? Still crap?

Thanks for flogging the contest mate

Unknown said...

I forgot about Reese's cups. I didn't Hershey's Kisses came in cheesecake or caramel - sounds like definite must tries.

I've not heard of Cherry Ripes or Violet Crumble bars either. If I ever see them, I will.

Unknown said...

Work is still crazy busy, but actually, despite that, it was a pretty good day. Only one donor was irate. The guy who threatened to sic the mafia on us, apologized - said it had been his medication talking when he was so mean. LOL

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