Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Writing Christmas stories in July???

The boss had jury duty today so I was in charge. No biggie. Have you ever tried to be in charge of ten chatty women, most of them older than you? Ten women who are hyped to go on holiday? Fortunately, nothing out of the ordinary happened other than a bad thunder storm that knocked our power out and the computers off a couple times. Patty (names have been changed to protect the innocent) was afraid to go to the bathroom as the lights had gone off on her and the room was pitch black. I guess I have to take some flash lights for my department in case it happens again. I don't know why the emergency lights didn't go on. It's that time of year, in the heat of the summer and the height of beach season, that I have to come up with a Christmas story idea (or two). At least I want to. I always swear I'm going to write Christmas stories during the Christmas season for the NEXT year. I mean, isn't it easier to write something when you're in the mood? Isn't it easier to get in the mood when it's set? Sure, I could watch a few Christmas movies (if I could wedge the hubby away from the TV and all his cop and crash-em-up car shows). I could burn some pine-scented candles and bake some sugar cookies. I might even decorate the house for Christmas (and hope no one calls the men who will tie me up in a little white straight jacket). I could even play Christmas songs and turn up the AC to freezing. I suppose I could even buy some Christmas stories online and read them, too. Still, it's not totally the same as actually being in the season. But if I want to have a Christmas story or two published this season, it's now or never since I've not already done it. Yikes! I'm beginning to feel like Michaels (craft store) getting ready for Christmas in July. By my own logic, I should be writing sultry summertime stories with an eye for them to be published next summer.

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