Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dreams or Revelations?

One of my good friends told me yesterday she had a dream that she was told she had cancer and a soothing male voice told her “Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of you.”

She’s not one to remember her dreams and this one actually startled her out of her sleep. She mentioned it to our other friend who now wants to pray over her.

Was that a dream, I wonder. Or a revelation?

One of my other coworkers interprets dreams. According to her, dreams usually mean something far different than what they tell us on the surface. For instance, someone dying in a dream doesn’t mean death at all. Someone who dreams of losing a tooth will die or have someone close to them die – according to my coworker anyway.

I’ll have to run L’s dream by M to see what she says about it.

I mean, if all dreams come true, does that mean I’m going to grow a penis? Or that Carrie Underwood is being chased by the Terminator? (Honest to God, I’ve dreamed both recently).

I’m rational enough (I think) to know I’m not going to grow a penis or that an Arnold Schwarzenneger is going to hunt down Miss Underwood.

So that makes me wonder about the validity of dreams – at least if we interpret them for exactly what they say.

Another friend, L2, interprets her dreams a lot, too. But she also doesn’t go on the surface meaning. She takes a differernt approach. She looks for deep intrinsic meaning, almost always spiritual in nature.

I find it fascinating, but beyond researching deeper to create a character who’s a dreamer like Joseph, I don’t know that I would try. Which method of analyses is right? Would I drive myself crazy worrying about wrong interpretations? Would I waste my day worrying that I’m going to grow a penis?

I just bought a book on dream interpretation, and like I thought, the literal things we see in dreams are almost never what they mean - if the book is correct, that is.

Obviously, I looked up "Cancer". Here's what my book says: "Very often this appears as cancer or illness in dreams and equally can represent something 'eating away' at us - usually a negative idea or concept. Cancer is one of the prime fears that a human being has to deal with, so to dream of a cancer indicates we are out of harmony with our body. It also indicates fear of illness."

L1 has been very concerned about her health recently. She's been to numerous doctors trying to find the cause of her stomach aches, so this makes sense to me.

Now, as per me dreaming about growing a penis. I wondered if it meant I needed to act more authoritatively like a man, perhaps with the kids or in my position as manager at work. However, when I look up "Penis" in the dream dictionary I just acquired it says: "Dreaming of a penis, either your own or someone elses, usually highlights the attitude to penetrative sex."

That doesn't give me any big spiritual or psychological meaning. Does it tell you much of anything?

As I think I was going to use the penis to penetrate something (I'm trying to be delicate as possible), I looked up "Penetration". Here's what the interpretation for "penetration" is: "In dreams it usually signifies getting to the heart of the matter. Inherent in the idea of penetration is a piercing of defenses and this meaning is one which arises frequently in dreams. When we are feeling particularly vulnerable or at risk, dreams such as castle walls being penetrated can occur. Any article that penetrates or pierces another, such as a knife or laser beam, signifies that the normal boundaries and limitations by which we live are illusions when viewed from a spiritual perspective."

I think dreamers are fascinating people. I love to watch "Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat" starring Donny Osmond. One of these days I'll create a dreamer character. I've said this for many years, but I'm getting closer to doing so. That's really why I bought the book. My friend just inspired me to move up the date as well as to try and comfort her that her dream most likely does not mean she has actual cancer.

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Sandra Cox said...


Phoenix said...

I don't mean to come off after that: dreamers are fascinating people, but I dream constantly. I almost always remember them too. I still wonder over the one where I walked in on my husband having sex with me. The other me was in a dominant position *ahem* and grinning at the door me with a satisfied smirk. In that dream I knew the other me had one up on the me in the door. I was crushed, woke up crying and my husband had looked at me in dream and said, "Honey, it's not what it looks like."

Would love to have an answer to that one.

Here's another dream question. When you dream do you dream mostly in first or third person? When in third person do you enter the "scene" from the right or the left of your mind. I ALWAYS enter from the right. So far that I've asked this question, right handed individuals come in on the right, lefties on the left. Interesting.

Brynn Paulin said...

I think dreams are cool. I always love the interpretations of them...mine, when I have them, which is rarely, are always just...weird.

I love Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. It's on of my all-time favorite musicals.

Unknown said...

Penis huh? Never had that dream and I dream a lot - hence why I keep a notepad by my bed.

barbara huffert said...

I just wrote a bunch of my nightmares into a book. I'll let you know if it's accepted.

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