Saturday, August 09, 2008

I not has a PMS!!!!

Um, this lioness pales in comparison to DD#2 when she's PMSing. Hint, the poor lion should throw chocolate at the lioness. That's the only thing that helps my daughter. I don't think I suffer from PMS, at least not often and not nearly as bad. I feel for DD#2, though. Poor lion. Poor lioness. Yikes! I thought I scheduled this to post at 7 AM this morning. But I see it was onlhy saved as a "draft". Good thing I checked. Not that this is any world-enlightening wisdom but I like to have a daily post. It also gives me the chance to add something else on my mind. Why are the gay and menage romances so popular right now? Why are women eating up gay (or as we call them in the industry "M/M") romances? I came out of the closet a few months ago for those of you that remember. I admitted I was once engaged to a man, "D", who came out to me as being gay and how shocked and hurt I was. That experience, that individual, tainted my view of this group of people for years. It wasn't until I met my friend M at my current day job that I got a better, hopefully more acurate glimpse, of gay men as people like everybody else. M is a great person. He's loving and caring to everybody. He's funny and smart and a good friend. He's in a committed and loving long-term relationship, probably one of the strongest I know. When he talks about his SO "K" it's always with love and adoration. When I'm with them, I can feel the love and respect between them and for others. M and K are universes apart from D. So after all these years I finally realize that it was just D's personality, to me he was sleazy - sleep around, lying and cheating, that was the real issue. I feel terrible for judging other people on the basis of him. I can only say I was very young, 17, and that that situation with D set off a horrible chain reaction in the rest of my life that also added to my bad feelings. Anyway, getting back to the topic in general, one of my writers' groups is discussing why they think women like M/M and menage romance. I think they're off base and so I'd like other opinions. At least one of them think it's because the women who read them (or any romance) is because they're too old and too scared to go after a real man for themselves, so they fantasize with our books. I don't buy this. When my mom found herself single in her fifties, she dated a lot. She joined groups of other singles her age and they all dated a lot. I also know a lot of married women who like to read and write romance books and watch romantic movies. Just because I'm married doesn't mean I don't melt at the prospect of a good romance. I still adore them. I don't like to peg people anymore. I feel badlyl I ever did. I'd like to think I've finally grown up. What do you think? Why are M/M and menage romances so popular presently? You'll want to see what Amarinda Jones, Anika Hamilton, Anny Cook, Barbara Huffert, Brynn Paulin, Bronwyn Green, Dakota Rebel, Kelly Kirch, Molly Daniels, and Sandra Cox are up to, so make sure to visit them also. :)


barbara huffert said...

"women who read romances are too old to go after a real man themselves" Now that's just insulting. And what does it have to do with menages? I'm not old old but I'm not exactly young either. I'd love a new man in my life. Know anyone who might like me? Send him over. Good for your mom!

Unknown said...

First up - I am the queen of PMS so I completely understand your daughter

"At least one of them think it's because the women who read them (or any romance) is because they're too old and too scared to go after a real man for themselves, so they fantasize with our books." Ding, ding - We have a winner! It's 5:30am in the morning here and that is the first dumb arsed thing I have heard today. That person needs a kick in the bum.

Menage...I have been writing them with 2 straight men and one woman. The men are only interested in pleasing teh woman any way she wants. Yeah, it's fantasy but hell, it's a nice one to zone out with for a couple of hours.

Lady in red said...

having taken part in menage a couple of times and at an age where some would consider me to old to still be interested in sex I can only laugh at the idea of being too old to go out and get a real man.

When I was involved in the menage my partner (married late 40's) confessed to liking men too. I was the first woman he had told, I found the idea exciting but I must admit that I am not sure I would want to witness two men together.

I think personally I just like a good romance it is irrelevant the genders of those involved. 'm just a soppy romantic at heart.

I never thought I suffered much from PMS (although I had terrible stomach cramps) until the day I caught myself shouting at my kids apologising for shouting at them but I couldn't help it.

Unknown said...

I mentioned this to my younger daughter and she said that her friends in the teenage crowd like the M/M romance because they're not threatened by the man having another woman. Hm...when it happened to me in real life, I didn't like it any better and probably less than if my boyfriend had been with another woman. It hurts either way.

Unknown said...

IF I was to engage in a menage in real life - which I highly highly doubt - I'd want two men to worship me and not touch each other.

DJ Kirkby said...

I don't know why I find gay male stories exciting, I just do.

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