Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bad Losers

At my day job, we're having a talent show at our Chistmas party. In preparation, the want to be acts auditioned this week. Only ten acts made it to the finals. My department's act made it into the top 10. I'm not in it, I'm just a groupie. At lunch today, however, right after the finalists and 3 standby acts were announced by email, one of the ladies who had tried out and only made it as far as third standby, was mouthing off about how unfair and terrible the contest is. She went on for about half an hour, spewing hate and sour grapes as if she thought it made the finalists and judges and contest committee sound bad. To me, at least, she's the one that sounded terrible. Although she's older than me and far taller, she pouted like a spoiled little girl, ranting and raving about how she'll never enter a contest at work again, and indeed, she won't ever bring her guitar to perform for anything else at work, either. I'm lousy at confrontation, so I stayed mum as did the rest of our table. Really, if you enter a contest, you have to realize not everybody will win. She was mad also that she stayed late and wasted her time, that she auditioned with a Christmas song while other contestants auditioned with really exciting stuff as if that was unfair to her. She's not the only adult who's pouting this week. Have you seen William Shatner's (Captain Kirk - Star Trek) You Tube video that everybody's talking about? He's really torqued that he wasn't invited to George Takei's (Sulu) recent wedding. I feel for the guy. I know how terrible it feels to be excluded. Probably most of us do. I'd feel sorrier for my coworker, too, if she'd acted with more decorum. Much as I adore Shatner as both Captain Kirk and now as Denny Craig in Boston Legal, I think it's a mistake and not very good form to attack people. It makes him look worse than the person who did the original wrong - although I've heard that Takei said he did invite Shatner. Who knows? Do I really care? I still think it's wrong to go on You Tube or the lunch table at work or anywhere and blast someone. Here's Shatner's You Tube video. See and decide for yourself.


Sandra Cox said...

Congrats on your department making it to the top ten. Woo Hoo!

Anny Cook said...

Bad mouthing ANY ONE is public is not classy. That's the way it is.

Congrats on your department making it for the show!

Unknown said...

Talent show at christams...I expect the only talent we will have at our christmas party will be watching who can drink the most without falling down - and no - I never drink at these parties

Bronwyn Green said...

Exclusion is no fun, but neither are people who pout and throw public hissy fits. :(

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