Sunday, October 12, 2008

Halloween around the world

I just read a post where the author presumed those of us in the US go way more out for Halloween than people in England. This makes me wonder who all celebrates Halloween, how, and how much? (BTW, DD#2 calls the pumpkin to the left a "cannabalistic pumpkin".) Halloween is pretty much a month-long celebration with the crescendo on October 31st in the US - at least everywhere I've lived (Ohio, Nebraska, Mississippi, and Florida). But we build up to it with month-long scary activities like scary movies, scary books, parties, pigging out on Halloween candy, and spending a fortune on costumes and the hunt for the best costume. Oh! And of course carving jack-o-lanterns and decorating our houses. Of course some people don't celebrate Halloween in the US. At my day job and at my church a lot of people believe it is truly pagan and so evil they want nothing to do with it. They don't want jack-o-lanterns or even a costume party in the building. I tried once to coordinate a Halloween party at work and several people started passing around literature about the evils of Halloween. They decided to have a "Harvest Banquet" instead. I used to love to Trick or Treat. My youngest two children still love to go door to door to demand candy. I love to see my neighbor wear his fat ballerina outfit with the tutu. He's hilarious. I also love the pumpkin patches. I like to go and hang out and take lots of pics of the kids. I love autumn and that's about the only thing that truly feels and looks like autumn in tropical South Florida. My younger daughter wants to have a scary movie fest at home on Halloween this year. Maybe she's finally getting too old to Trick or Treat. She's only about 5'8" and taller than most of the adults passing out the candy so it's about time. I suggested having a seance also. I haven't had one since I was a kid at a slumber party. Ooh! A Ouija board would be fun, too. I also used to do that, too, but I admit, I always asked who I'd marry when I'd grow up and it was always the same boy - I helped push it, I'm sure, to spell his name. Yes, I remember his name, and no, it's not my hubby. No, I never got to even date him, just have a crush on him for many years, from 2nd grade through the end of elementary school. I have no clue what happened to him after that. But maybe I'll buy one and bring it out for Halloween. And maybe I'll drag out my tarot cards. I'm getting lots of good, fun ideas to do inside the house. I'm not really into Trick or Treating anymore unless I go with my grandchildren. My 13 year old who is taller than me now, seems almost too old to do it. He's not sure and is still debating whether or not to go door to door. I think he'll decide it's still fun and drag me with him. I'm not ready to let him go by himself yet and even if the 18 year old decides to go, she doesn't like for her bratty little brother to hang around with her and her friends. He delights in torturing them. If I had the money, I'd visit Disney World's haunted Halloween nights. I've never been yet. Maybe next year if the economy gets better. This year I'm struggling just to fill my gas tank and keep the family in groceries. The kids might have to put Halloween costumes together from things around the house if they decide to dress up. (I used to - you know, characters like hobos and go go girls and housewives in housecoats and curlers and baseball players and ghosts and Airmen). Actually, I had more fun making up my own costumes than buying those cheap things from Kmart. We also have a lot of old costumes and pieces in storage - if they still fit anyone. I gave the Ninja Turtle costume (a really nice handmade one) to my grandson a few years ago. I wonder if my daughter in law kept it and will use it for my granddaughter. It should fit her in a couple years. I need to see if I have other costumes in the closet still that would fit the grandchildren that are too little for my 13 year old. It's time I go hang out in the pumpkin patch again and maybe this year I'll try carving some nifty design like the pic above or like the one I posted the other day. What are you doing for Halloween and how (if at all) are you going to celebrate? How do you usually celebrate?


Unknown said...

Nope - not in OZ - it's considered by most Aussies to be 'too American.' We like our own traditions and identity

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Love the canibal pumpkin. My household of men gets into having the spookiest house in the neighborhood for Halloween. Bones, webs, a smoke machine...

the 17 year old wants to go out with his girlfriend, the 16 year old likes to hang out and scare other teens who come by.

Molly Daniels said...

We're going to venture to the Corn Maze this year. The only one who's ever been to one is my daughter, when she was 7 and went with neighbors.

There are 2 nights of Trick-or-Treating around here; the SAFE one, where the kids go to businesses and even a few houses, and then the OFFICIAL one, where any house with a porch light on is expected to hand out the candy:)

My teens will go hit the businesses; I'll take the toddler around a few blocks, and then the teens will take turns, taking him to other blocks. That way everyone gets a ton of candy, and our light will be off for the first two hours, hee hee, since no one will be here to hand out the candy! Leaves more for us, ha ha:)
(I know...selfish, but I love Halloween candy!)

DJ Kirkby said...

As I was born and raised in Canada, I love Halloween but it isn't very big over in England yet. We will celebrate with a trip to the pumpkin farm and a small party on the 30th, then an attempt at trick or treating on the day. My next excerpt on my Plump WAG's Club blog is up. Your ocmments appreciated as always.xo

Anonymous said...

I've picked up a Parent magazine that has a listing of all the events. Outside of that I'm glued to my t.v. The documentaries on Paganism, demons, vampires, ghost--paranormal galore. I love it.

This year my daughter and I are going through all the scary movies on cable. Tonight she wants to watch R.L. Stine on Disney.

Again, I love it. It's the only holiday I look forward to.

barbara huffert said...

Wow Halloween at your house sounds like fun. Can I come?

Anonymous said...

Halloween scares the hell out of me. I'm staying in locking the door and reading 'A New Haunt',a new ebook by the emerging master of dark romantic erotica. T S Fesseln's first ebook features six stories of love and bondage with ghosts and mummies and creatures of other horror. This collection will leave you chilled to the bone on the night of All Hallow’s Eve, and warm to the touch where it counts.

So, don't come trick or treating at my house. I'll be to scared to come down the stairs.

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