Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Is Upon Us.

Can you believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone again? That Christmas is rushing upon us? Are you getting ready?

Some years, I’ve had the majority of my Christmas shopping done by now. The house has been cleaned and decorated for the holidays, and everything is planned out.

This is not one of those years. In fact, for the past few years, the holidays always seem to sneak up on me and I’m never prepared in time. This year is worse because I’m not only very busy, but I’m also pretty broke.

This year the family’s going to get a lesson that Christmas is not about receiving a lot of presents. I’m going to have to learn to enjoy it without going on mindless shopping frenzies.

But that will be a good thing I think. We’ll get back to basics. We’ll focus on the true meaning of Christmas.

I’ll do more baking and cooking instead of fighting crazed mall shoppers.

I’ll be more creative in making simple gifts and decorations.

I’ll spend more time with the kids and find more free and inexpensive ways to celebrate the joys of the Christ child and his birth.

If I get my kids anything, it will be practical things like clothing they need or bedding.

My day job CEO announced there will be NO layoffs, no salary reductions (whew!), and we’ll get a 3-4% raise in 2009 plus we’ll still get our Christmas bonus.

My 403B, however, is down $20,000 (gulp!) from when I checked about 3 months ago. Ouch! Merry Christmas to me.

But no no no. Christmas isn't about making, losing, or spending money. It's not about money or earthly riches at all. It's about God's love for us. As a romance writer who makes a career out of love in all its many forms, I very much appreciate this.

"Naughty Boys", my M/M Christmas story is available at:

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Molly Daniels said...

We're blessed to have slightly more money to spend on the kids this year, but as they want mainly electronics, the amount of gifts will probably stay the same. The toddler will probably make out like a bandit, though; the stuff he wants is pretty cheap!

And yes, the majority will be clothing items.

Unknown said...

I don't do xmas...too commericialized and I'm an atheist so one precludes the other

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