Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Want To Be McDonald's!

I want to be McDonald’s. Or Dunkin’ Donuts. Or Burger King. Even in this tough economy they’re raking in the dough. Don’t take my word, look for yourself. I stopped at Burger King this morning to grab my morning Diet Coke and the cars were lined up around the building. Yesterday, my hubby decided NOT to stop at Dunkin’ Donuts because the line was too long. While we were in the Burger King line this am, I asked my daughter, “What are they doing that I can do to better sell my books?” We kicked ideas around a bit, had no real spurts of marketing genius, and finally I asked, “Because they’re edible and tasty?” Then, my sweet and innocent 18 year old cracked a wicked grin and said, “I was just thinking about your books…” I laughed and said, “Well, yeah, I try to make my books edible and tasty.” Most of my books are in ebook form. This means, they’re inexpensive, like McDonald’s. They can be acquired fast and easy – even easier than McDonalds as readers can purchase and download them from any computer with Internet at any time of day or night – thus they’re even more convenient than McDonald’s. Have I thrown as much advertising and advertising money at my books as McDonald’s? Advertising bucks, is a definite, resounding NO! Time? Lately, most of my available time has gone to blogging and writing articles, so yes, in comparison. But it’s still a big NO, as McDonald’s has been doing this for years, since I was a kid. They’ve also got departments and marketing firms with many people who do nothing but market them. I can’t begin to compete with that. Luckily, I’m not competing with McDonald’s. But I am competing with every form of entertainment and media, not merely other books. Sooooo, as a little guy in the grand picture, how can I follow in the marketing giants footsteps? Is there a prayer? One thing I’ve read and seems very true, we have to promote ourselves, more, not less, in this economy. It’s a dilemma for sure when we have less $ to advertise, and no more time, maybe less since we’re working longer to try to make up for our decrease in spending dollars. What do you think the big guys’ promo secrets are? Are they secret or is it just that they’ve been at it so long, we’re addicted to them now?

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Joanna Waugh said...

According to an article by Steven Axelrods and Julie Ann Long (The Tao of Publishing) in the Dec. issue of Romance Writers Report, the answer is no magic bullet, Ashley. Promotional methods that work for one author don't necessarily work for another. Their advice is to go-with-the-flow and keep writing!

Regina Carlysle said...

I was thinking about this too. Stocks for McDonalds are still high while the rest are in the toilet. Ebooks are also cheap and convenient. Good selling point.

Unknown said...

You have to spend money to make money but how much is too much?

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