Saturday, December 06, 2008

More Of Me To Love

Ugh! DD#2 and I walked to Publix tonight to return a movie, one of those$1.00 ones from the kiosk near the check outs. I wanted to be good and get some exercise in so we walked. On the way out, she pushed me onto the big monster of a scale in the Publix entrance. DS#3 broke the scale about a month ago so I've been unable to check my weight for awhile, at least not in the private sanctuary of my own home. I HATE to weigh in public as I don't want anyone to know my weight. It's bad enough I see it, that people can see the extra bulges I'm lately sporting. But I did it as we were alone. It was worse than I thought. I've definitely got to do a lifestyle change. I hesitate to say "diet" as that implies it will be temporary. I was doing sooooo well and then I lost it. I'm so mad at myself! It seems that I either exercise a lot and keep the weight off but get little writing done. OR I get a lot of writing done and not much exercise. My weight is directly inverse to the amount of writing I do. Maybe if I didn't also have the day job I could write a lot AND exercise a lot, but there's only so many hours in a day. The kitty on the graphic above reminds me of my lovable Dion, our big cuddly kitty. He looks so much like that when he sits on our scale. He's never once complained about his weight and we love him just as he is - so much more to love. In fact, DD#2 loves to put Dion on her stomach when she has a tummy ache because he's so big and soft and warm and she says he makes her feel better. Well, Dion's not quite as big as the kitty above. Neither am I, but you get my drift. Hopefully I'm still lovable, even with extra weight.


barbara huffert said...

Of course you're still lovable.

Regina Carlysle said...

Nope. Not weighing myself in PUBLIC. EVER. Even under threat of DEATH.

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