Thursday, February 05, 2009

Dumb Crook Stunt

It's time for a little levity around here. Something happened at my day job this past weekend that still has me chuckling and shaking my head. Not just me, but all of my co-workers. There was a theft - a weird one - at the day job. Somebody stole one of our mango trees. That's a little odd in itself that someone would dig up a tree and take it. But it gets stranger. This same person took the time and energy to replant a dead tree in its place. I can only think he figured we wouldn't notice our live tree was missing, that we would think our tree died in the space of a couple days. He didn't count on the fact that my employers know each and every tree and shrub and lamp post extremely well - or that we have very good security including security cameras that are actually on all the time. The cameras got video of the man doing the dirty deed and also of his license plate. Yep, the police got him. The crook is some man that lives in Boca. If you've ever heard of Boca, you'd know it's a really ritzy city in Florida. Why on earth would someone from Boca come all the way to another city to steal a tree from us? A charity no doubt who tries to use every penny to help the poor. I imagine the guy thought we were some dumb company that didn't have a clue what's what, that we were an easy mark. I imagine he's extremely sorry and feels very dumb about now. Why do people do such things???


Unknown said...

Mango tree? Hmm...I have a huge one at home so I am thinking these are smallish to why people do stuff like this - because they can and they think no one will ever essence they're nitwits.

Regina Carlysle said...

This is the dumbest strangest thing ever. Why would he go to the trouble of planting a dead tree?

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