Thursday, April 02, 2009

6 Phases of Working

I was just notified of a 4 Angels review from Fallen Angel Reviews. It's at: "Who doesn't love the nerd and the jock story?...I definitely recommend Secret Admirer!" 6 Phases of Working Phase 1 You are listening to jazz -- Your first day at work is great. Your co-workers are wonderful, your cubicle is cute, you love your boss, and your President is the best! Phase 2 You are listening to pop music -- After a while you are so busy that you are not sure if you're coming or going anymore. Phase 3 You are listening to heavy metal -- This is what happens after about SIX Months! Phase 4 You are listening to hip hop -- You become bloated due to stress, you're gaining weight due to lack of exercise because you are so tired and have so much work to do and when you get home you have more work to do. You feel sluggish and suffer from constipation. Your fellow coworkers are too cheerful for your liking and the walls of your cubicle are closing in. Phase 5 You are listening to GANGSTA RAP -- After more time passes, your eyes start to twitch, you forget what a 'good hair day' feels like as you just fall out of bed and load up on caffeine. Phase 6 You are listening to the voices in your head -- You have locked the office door to keep people out, You wonder WHY you are even here in the first place and WHY did I come to work today! Personally, I'm somewhere in the middle of the second to the last and last phase. :( You'll also want to see what Amarinda Jones, Anika Hamilton, Anny Cook, Barbara Huffert, Brynn Paulin, Bronwyn Green, Dakota Rebel, Kelly Kirch, Molly Daniels, Sandra Cox, Regina Carlysle, and Cindy Spencer Pape are up to, so make sure to visit them also. :)


Molly Daniels said...

I keep bouncing between stages 2 and 3:)

Unknown said...

I do falling out of bed and loading up on caffiene very well. I had to unlock the office and turn off the alarm yesterday. Everyone had to wait 5 minutes while I got a bucket of coffee to enable me to be able to see and then act upon the alarm code

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