Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Excited but sad

I'm excited but sad. Tonight is American Idol's last performance night for the 2009 crew. I can't wait to see it. I've already pretty much made up my mind to vote for Adam even though I also like Kris. OMG! DD#2 just said we lost the TV signal. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We can't lose the TV signal on American Idol's last night, when the voting counts the most. I've been saying we need rain, but not a flood, not enough to take out our cable. Honestly, the TV signal didn't go out until I started writing this post. There was a lot of awesome talent this year. Danny was my favorite idol in the beginning, but then Adam took the limelight. I still liked Danny a lot and hoped he'd final at runner-up. Now Kris has shown how good he is. And Allison was awesome, too. I will be extremely upset if I can't see Idol tonight. Maybe someone above wants me to work on my edits, not watch Idol? Um.... Here's an excerpt from "American Beauty" to entertain you in case you can't see Idol, either. An Excerpt From: American Beauty © Copyright Ashley Ladd, 2003. All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave, Inc. He must’ve dozed off, for he awoke with a start when silky hair caressed his cheek and a lace-covered breast grazed his arm. “Wake up, Sleeping Beauty,” a very sultry, husky voice crooned. “I brought home your favorite – Prime Rib and chocolate covered strawberries.” She perched on the couch beside him, leaning over him, her creamy breasts almost falling out of a slinky, frilly creation he was sure was illegal throughout the First World. Had he thought of her as a sprite? Temptress was more like it. No, siren was the apt description. Those dusky aureoles peaked out at him again and his blood pressure shot sky high. He swallowed hard, his pulse hammering and his breathing uneven. His cock sprung to full attention. He knew he should move away, make a joke, or do something to diffuse the dangerous situation, but he couldn’t. Not when she scooted back and rubbed against him, torturing him inhumanely. She smelled of lilacs, vanilla, and strawberries. Then he realized it was an oddly smoky vanilla scent, and fresh juicy strawberries. He pried his gaze from her tight nipples and noticed for the first time how the dim lights flickered from candles on every surface. “Is it my birthday?” His voice crackled, sultrier than hers. His cock ached to get out of his palace and play. Down boy! It had only suffered a female drought for a few days, not the eon it felt like. Kirsty licked her shiny lips, slow and languorously, her pink tongue just peeking out those luscious lips, promising pleasure beyond compare to any man brave enough to take up her invitation. And she undoubtedly invited him. But why? Until tonight, she’d been sweet and teetered on the shy side. Why had she morphed into this voluptuous seductress who knew all the moves, and flaunted her voluptuous body in sucking distance, to drive him so wild to forget himself and his mission? Stars twinkled in her eyes and she ran a fingernail down his chest, which she let hover just below his navel, at the snap of his jeans. Her nipples strained against the see-through lace, taut little buds teasing him unmercifully. He longed to touch the outer rim of her dusky areole, and his mouth went dry. He could taste it deep inside his mouth. “What do you want for your birthday?” She leaned over him, and her bodice gaped open to give him a nearly full view of the gorgeous breast. He sucked in his breath unable to tear his gaze from the perfect view. When she sat down again, rubbing against him, his shaft strained to be free. He didn’t know how much more torture he could stand. Never had he restrained himself before and he could barely remember why he needed to now. The female was not only willing, she was begging him to fuck her. “Hungry?” He almost fell off the couch, but rolled into her instead, increasing his pain to even more excruciating levels. “Starved,” he admitted, hoping she didn’t plan to tease and torture him all night like this. If she seduced him, as she surely seemed to be doing, he could succumb. Even Crowe couldn’t fault a red-blooded man for being unable to resist the lures of a nearly naked seductress. “In that case,” a slow smile dawned over her face making her glow, “Open your mouth wide. I have something special for you.”


Unknown said...

I am terrified to know how you will be once this Idol thing is over - you're scary me now with your obsession.

Regina Carlysle said...

Dying here! Did your tv come back on??? That SUCKS ROCKS!

Caffey said...

Loved this book Ashley! I joined your fan group still. Love being a part of it!

I don't watch Idol since I can't hear, but I did see it last night...

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