Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dirty Little Secret

I'm pretty sure this is a scam... Warn your friends anyway just in case it's not.

This was another "test" email-post. This time I tested sending a picture through email. It failed. Luckily I still have the picture because I just have to share. This also reminds me of a more serious subject and no, not breast cancer. Perhaps I'll blog about that another day. This reminds me how I Twittered and Googled a new co-worker. I don't normally do that, but this person came off rather high and mighty and is very web savvy so I did. I found him on Twitter. I found his resume through googling. I even found pictures. If I can find him, he can certainly find me. That's a little scary. I invented "Ashley Ladd" so my employer and fellow church members wouldn't stumble upon my less-than-lilly-white erotic romances. That was even before I started writing M/Ms and MMFs. I haven't been ultra-careful and have mentioned my real name in a couple interviews about my books when I was also speaking about "Ashley Ladd". I wasn't too worried that most people who found out would care or that anyone at church or work would investigate that deeply. However, this particular man supposedly has boasted how he can hack into any computer. He recently mentioned that he was "walking into the lion's den" when he walked through my department last week. I think there might be a slight hint of animosity. It's too late to erase what I've done. Maybe I shouldn't post pictures like the one above. Then again, I'm not going to stop writing and publishing erotic romance so what the hell? Enjoy! I'll take my chances and hope he won't rat me out to the powers that be at my day job if he does discover my dirty little secret. Although I googled and Twittered him, I didn't plan to say anything even if I had found out something juicy (which I didn't - except the fact that he also wrote a book, but his book isn't naughty).

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I'm pretty sure this is a scam... Warn your friends anyway just in case it's not!

I hope the picture comes through.


Unknown said...

I wouldn't stress over it. Anyone who tells you there a great hacker generally isn't and it indicates they're not that bright to tell you even if they know hackers like the whole secret thing. Besides, if he does - just laugh it off as absurd, deny it to the powers that be and then change teh subject by asking them have they lost weight

Molly Daniels said...

OMG...he looks almost like a friend of mine who lives on the other side of Fla! I'll email him and tell him we're onto his scam, hahaha...

Unknown said...

LOL Molly. Who knows? Maybe that is your friend.

I'm not too worried about that guy at work, Amarinda, or I wouldn't have posted this blog. It just makes me think...

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