Saturday, July 04, 2009

Researching Naughty Books

Yesterday, I went to work at the bookstore, something I haven't done in awhile since my local Border's closed. I've been blocked on the book I'm working on even though I thought the original idea was fab. As I walked around, I saw the really naughty books - naughtier than what I write. I'm talking about the non-fiction, how to have better sex books - with pictures. Whew! What pictures. They show way more than our covers. They were exactly what I needed to jumpstart my books. They gave me tons of great ideas. So I bought two. I felt funny taking them to the cashier but did it anyway. She was professional so it wasn't bad. But then, when I left, the alarm blared, the one that means I was either stealing or one of my books wasn't put through the scanner right. Yet another associate checked my books, this time a man. I was dying. When I got home, one of my kids grabbed the bag out of my hands and looked inside. I warned them not to, that they wouldn't like it, but since when do kids listen? Of course she yelled, "Ew!" even though she's 18 and technically an adult. Personally, I think she's still a kid despite the fact she graduated from high school and college bound this fall. I read the entire book, and studied the how-to pictures like a good researcher, last night in one sitting. I'm amazed how much I learned and how many new things I found to try with my hubby. I'm like ancient - almost fifty. And I have five children and two grandchildren. For instance I learned that men can have orgasms without ejaculation. I almost went through my whole life not knowing that. My knewly learned knowledge will definitely be incorporated into my books. Read and learn. :)


Unknown said...

My oldest daughter would react the same way and she has a child of her own. No matter how old they are I don't think they like knowing mom is having sex! :) Good luck with the story.

barbara huffert said...

You're funny being embarrassed by your purchases. I love to go to book stores and ask for opinions on which book like that would be a better buy. I get into all sorts of interesting conversations with both store personnel and other shoppers. It's a great promo opportunity. Take a deep breath and give it a try sometime.

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