Friday, July 10, 2009

Tough Choices

Life is full of tough choices...

You know. Really important choices. Do I want to eat chocolate ice cream or brownies for dessert? Do I want to wear blue jeans or capris? Do I want to read a romance or a non-fiction book about sex?
But the toughest choice is deciding who I want to date (or make love to) more. I honestly can't decide as both men in these pairs are so handsome, so sexy, so appealing I can't make up my mind.
You tell me who you prefer in each case, or if like me, you can't make up your mind. (Isn't that why menages were born?)
Eddie Wilson (Michael Pare)/Frank Ridgeway (Tom Berrenger) - "Eddie and the Cruisers". Both the film and the soundtrack are terrific. "Tender Years" has to be one of the most romantic, soulful songs ever sang. I've worn out three copies of this soundtrack since the 80's. I still can't get enough of it.
Will Turner (Orlando Bloom)/Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) - Pirates of the Caribbean. I think Will's my favorite but then Johnny does something really cute and I'm back to being undecided.


Unknown said...

Hmmm, those are some pretty hard choices, especially the first one! I think you're right that's why menages were born! ;) Thanks for some inspiration on this wonderful weekend morning.

Unknown said...

It has to be Jack Sparrow every time and I never saw The Crusiers thing or Pearl Harbour - I hate it when Hollywood messes with history

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