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Saturday Snippets

I've just joined another group: Saturday Snippets. This is an amazing group of authors with awesome reads. From now on I will post a snippet (excerpt) of one of my books available for sale in that particular Saturday's theme. Then I will also post links to the other participating authors. I thought I would be able to join in today, but I don't see that my yahoo group request has been approved yet. If I see it approved before the end of the day (so I can get this week's theme and participant's list) I'll update this post. Stay tuned for next Saturday's snippets. I just visited Shelley Munro's blog and see the theme today is "scenery". Shelley sets a lot of her books in New Zealand where she lives. Likewise, since I live in Florida, I set the majority of my books in Florida. BTW, I've always been fascinated by New Zealand. I write about Florida because I know it well but also because many people consider it to be a paradise vacation spot. It's a romantic setting, especially on a moonlit beach with a sexy guy. This excerpt, however, is set in another very romantic place - the beach in Biloxi, Mississippi. I was stationed there when I served in the Air Force. I can attest this is one of the most romantic places on earth. I for one, had a lot of romantic times on that beach.

Setting Excerpt:

Civil Affairs

By Ashley Ladd

Published by Ellora’s Cave

“Later. Right now we’re going to the beach.”

Stunned, she lay still despite the turbulent emotions overpowering her. The Biloxi beaches lay two hours south by car. “Now?”

He began uncuffing her. “Now, darlin’,” he drawled seductively.

Stretching her achy muscles, she was very aware of his heated, still passionate gaze devouring her.

Mystified, she showered and dressed wondering if she had somehow disappointed him. “Why are we going to the beach?”

A secretive, seductive smile curved his cheek. “You’ll find out.”

Blanketed by the star-filled night, they rode in silence as he munched on a string of red licorice. As they approached the Gulf shore, a balmy, shrimp-scented breeze caressed her through the open windows, whipping her long hair across her face. Home sweet home. Tucking her unruly mane behind her ears, she almost purred her delight to be home. God she hadn’t realized till just this moment how homesick she’d been.

The middle of the night by now, the streets of Biloxi and Gulfport were nearly devoid of traffic. Only when Danny pulled his car onto Highway 90, the beach drive, did they run across the remnants of the coasts’ nightlife. Tall casinos cast cool shadows over them as they drove by, their late night lounges pumping out sultry New Orleans style jazz.

Danny parked near the pier where they had gone crabbing as kids and swam in the warm Gulf waters. He opened her door and offered her a helping hand from the car.

Wistfully, she eyed the murky water, breathtaking memories assailing her. “We going crabbing?” Danny bestowed on adoring smile on her that made her glow warmly inside. “Not quite.”

“Swimming?” Crabbing in knee-deep water was one thing. Swimming in the murky depths was a dangerous proposition she wasn’t about to attempt.

“Nope.” He turned and clasping both her hands, pulled her onto her beloved beach.

He wasn’t up for a stroll yet so what was he thinking? She bit her lower lip to stop from blurting out her thoughts which she knew he wouldn’t appreciate and busied herself kicking off her shoes and letting the cool sand trickle through her toes.

“Let’s sit awhile and watch the shrimp boats. I’ve really missed coming here.” Nostalgia filled his voice as he gazed lovingly out across the dark Gulf as his thumb caressed the knuckles of her hand that he held.

They sat companionably for a few silent moments, listening to the lazy lap of ocean waves wash up against the shore. Languidly, she started to build a castle and make a pile of pretty shells she found while sifting through the damp sand. “I’ve missed Biloxi, too.” What an understatement! Pangs of homesickness washed over her and she longed to stay for far longer than just a brief interlude.

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