Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good things you get from writing

If you're a writer, what do you get out of writing? Writing, publishing, and promoting has improved my life, personal and professional in many ways. Please feel free to share in the comments how writing makes your life better. Here are several good things I get from writing. 1) Keep your mind active. Unfortunately, sometimes people who don't keep their minds active, get dimensia. A family friend is one. She rambled around her alone in her house for years, as far as we could tell, doing nothing. Eventually, she couldn't remember if she ate or took her medicine. It's a real shame. It's no guarantee that writing or another way to keep your mind active will prevent this, but that's the theory and seems to work. 2) Give you something worthwhile to do with your time now. 3) Makes you smarter. Writers do a lot of research. We have to stay current with our industry. We have to promote. To be an effective writer and promoter, we have to keep learning and researching new things. 4) If published, writing earns money to help our families, perhaps even enough to make a living. I'm not yet earning enough to say goodbye to my day job, but my writing certainly helps pay for the groceries and the occasional entertainment we wouldn't have otherwise. 5) Stay on the cutting edge of technology. Writers in today's world must know how to use computers, the Internet, and promote. We learn how to make our own websites, code html, use editing software such as tracking, power point, excel, word, Twitter, Facebook, blogging, and many other computer-related programs. 6) Gives us a way to donate our work to help charitable efforts. Many authors give away free stories. Some conduct auctions and raise funds other ways with their writing. 7) Helps you to make friends - with other writers and readers. Some of my best friends are other writers. We work closely together. We commiserate about our triumphs, dreams, and woes. 8) It's fun to create new worlds and living vicariously, and so is going to writing conferences and meetings. 9) Writers can set their own schedules. Since I write as my second job, I do it evenings and weekends. I can do it when my children are asleep. I could sleep all day and write all night if I so choose. 10) Writing is portable. Writers can write anywhere in the world. And we can work with publishers and editors on the other side of the world, often with people we've never met in person. I live in Florida. One of my editors lives several states away. Our publisher lives in England. I could move anywhere in the world and not have to give up my writing job. It will travel with me wherever I go. 11) Writing makes me feel like I've accomplished something fantastic. Not just for now, but something that will stand for all time. When I am gone and buried, my stories will live on. People will still be able to enjoy them. They're my legacy to my children and their children and to all readers. 12) Writing makes the world a smaller, more intimate place. As I mentioned in number 10, I work with people around the world. I converse with friends I've made in Australia, Michigan, Georgia, North Carolina, England, Ohio, Indiana, etc. That's not to say writing and promotion isn't hard work. It is. Sometimes it's incredibly hard. Some edits have made me tear out my hair. Some stories have sat unfinished for a year or two until inspiration hits. But it's hard work I and many others love. We do it for the love of writing and storytelling. I feel very blessed that I am able to earn money to help my family doing something I love.


Linda Kage said...

I like all your reasons... I think I'll just ditch the dinky little list I had going and just agree with you! I was going to say stuff like, the joy of completing a manuscript, creating new places and characters, meeting new people who also like to read and write... But, no, I like your list better.

Regina Carlysle said...

I have to agree with all of the above. Keeps the mind sharp, makes me feel I am staying creative, and I love the portability of writing. Can do it anywhere.

Molly Daniels said...

I especially like #1, 2, and 9. I love setting my own schedule (portablility is true there too!), and keeping the mind sharp is always a plus. But one of my biggest head-scratching moments came when a neighbor wondered how on earth I could be happy alone in my house? She tried it for a week after her youngest entered school and ended up going to work. She looked at me as if I'd grown two heads when I told her I stayed home and WROTE all day long! I felt productive; she didn't 'get' that.

Unknown said...

Some of us are writers and some aren't. Those who aren't can't begin to understand how someone can get pleasure putting words on a page or how characters talk to us.

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