Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kudos to Harlequin: Job well done

Harlequin has long been a top romance publisher: 60 years long. This month they're celebrating they're 60th anniversary and YOU benefit if you're a romance reader. Harlequin is not only giving away one free book, but several, one for each of their lines. How cool is that? The only catch is that you must go soon to take advantage of this offer. Here's the link: Harlequin Not only is Harlequin giving away free books so readers can sample their wares, they have a very friendly and fun interactive sight. You can be the heroine or hero in your own short story. Type in your name, the name of your hero or heroine, 3 of your personality traits (from a list), the place in the world you want your romance set (i.e. the Australian outback, NYC, the Caribbean), and push submit. YOUR story pops up immediately. The stories I made were a little corny, but cute. After signing up at Harlequin, you may be selected to be part of their reader panel to give feedback on their products. How smart is this? Very. Not all companies have the financial means to be so generous, but a lot of other companies who do are not this innovative. Check it out now, before it's too late. The free Harlequin ebooks that is. these are full-length novels, not mini stories or mere excerpts. Go to Harlequin.

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Mia Watts said...

Awesome. I'm going now.

Unknown said...

Yes, kudos! Heading over there now.

TexasRed said...


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