Wednesday, October 14, 2009

First the McMuffin, Then Iced Coffee, Now Wi-Fi

When my daughter and I stopped by McDonald's for breakfast this morning, my daughter exclaimed, "Mommy! McDonald's now has wi-fi!"

My daughter knows I'm having an affair with my computer. She also knows I'm addicted to Twitter and blogging.

Just a couple days ago I was kicking myself for not taking my laptop to my daughter's all-day softball tournament so I could use the nearby library or Dunkin' Donuts during a three-hour break. Maybe at next week's tournament time off.

However, I've never used free wi-fi yet. I'm scared someone might hack into my computer and steal my passwords and other personal information. Yet, I'm dying to get online when I'm stuck at that tournament (or softball practice) all day.

Today, I looked up wi-fi safety. I also asked my oldest son who's a computer expert about his take on the subject.

The first wi-fi safety article I read entitled "Is Public Wi-Fi Access Safe?" gives a lot of good safety tips. He also sounds pretty grim (to me) regarding safety.

Of course, if you don't have the right safeties on your home wireless network, you can be in trouble, too. I never worry about that, not because I'm glib or clueless, but because I have faith in my computer geke and genius son who makes sure we're safe this way. This is the same young man who gets his kicks on Saturday nights walking around the neighborhood with his best friend/fellow computer geke checking out which houses have unprotected wireless networks.

Unfortunately, I can't take my son everywhere I go. Especially not now that he's married, has his own family, and two jobs. But I do value his opinion. His take? I shouldn't spend a lot of time worrying about safety using the wi-fi at McDonalds, Dunkin' Donuts, or Denny's. Now of course, this may be because he knows he's added every firewall and protection on my computers known to mankind, but probably because he has a really good head on his shoulders.

Thus, I will take my laptop with me this Sunday, plug into an outlet at Dunkin' Donuts and enjoy a bagel while I use their wi-fi.

Isn't technology grand?

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Unknown said...

That is so sad

Clare Revell said...

I see the US finally caught up. McD's have have internet access here for years. As have most cafe's. We even have one here called Quarks. Which as a trekkie I find really funny ;-)

Unknown said...

You're lucky to have a place to head to during the breaks. There's nothing near my daughter's fields. But on a lighter note, fall ball is over for us.

Linda Kage said...

Wi Fi? I'd never even heard of it. Ach. I'm so behind on the times. Technology just needs to slow down so I can catch up a bit!!

Kenzie Michaels said...

We used to 'steal' the neighbor's WiFi (she didn't mind) but when the boyfriend moved out, she changed it to password protected and didn't give us the password. We're looking into getting a router so we can use the laptop internet again:)

Unknown said...

I've been looking at wi-fi access for years but have never used it. But I'd like to sometimes use the internet cafes to work or play when I'm out and about and have time to kill between things, but not enough time to go home. I'm going to take my laptop to next week's tournament.

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