Sunday, October 04, 2009

Romance Without Romance?

Have you ever read a romance without romance?

Unfortunately, I have. It was a lot like the time I ordered a Southwest Salad at Wendy’s and only got the lettuce, no chili. Bland, bland, bland.

The day I got the salad (a friend went through the drive through and didn’t check my order to notice there was no chili) I ate the plain lettuce as I was starved and didn’t have time or money to get more food. But I didn’t enjoy it and I was mad at Wendy’s for awhile for cheating me. I also boycotted them for a time.

When I read a book labeled as a “romance”, sweet, erotic, or in-between, I want my romance.

I don’t mind sex. I don’t mind no sex. But I want to fall in love. I want to savor the emotional journey. I want to lose myself in the magic.

A romance writer myself, I try very hard to put a lot of romance in my romances. I also know how tough it is, especially in short erotic stories where the editor demands a lot of sex up front as well as often in the book. It’s a real juggle to fit in all the required elements.

It’s sort of a joke: “More sex, more sex, more sex.” But it’s not. My editors are deadly serious. That’s what sells their lines. I hear their mantra in my sleep. They do not mean, however, “less romance”.

Still, when you’re writing a story under 15,000 words, it’s a real test of talent and every scene has to zing. An even greater challenge is trying to write 1,000 words or less like I’ve been doing lately for the Log & Short Reviews. As of today, L&S has only published one of my ultra short stories and I’m waiting for work whether not my three other submissions made the cut.

Don’t get me wrong. I like sex and reading about it. As a kid I used to dog earl all the juicy scenes in my Harlequins to reread and I occasionally snuck into my Dad’s stash of his, uh, romance.

However, if I had to make a choice between lots of romance with no sex or lots of sex with little or no romance, I’d choose romance every time.

So what is romantic?

Here’s what I think is romantic: love, longing, affection, caring, pining, awareness of the other, hope, poignant memories, heartache. I may have missed some characteristics, but notice, I did not say anything about sex.

Again, please don’t misunderstand. I’m not dissing sexy books. I love them – as long as they include romance. To me, romance is the sexiest thing there is.

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Linda Kage said...

I can't handle a story without romance. The intense emotional building of a relationship... that's what keeps me reading. Love 'em!

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