Thursday, October 01, 2009

Welcome to the spookiest month of the year

Welcome to the spookiest month of the year. Bwahahahaha.

My daughters both loved the show "Charmed". My younger daughter also loves Halloween. She's creating a blog all about Halloween and the paranormal and we're making a list of monsters and paranormal creatures.

Besides Trick or Treating and dressing up for Halloween, there was one paranormal activity I conducted year round when I was a kid: playing with the Ouija board. Unlike stories I've read online, I don't recall having any spooky experiences. In fact, I was a romantic back then and always asked it who I would marry. I always hoped it would say "Perry Mattan" or "Jeff Minks".

Alas, that didn't happen. I'd bet 1,000 to 1 they don't remember me or if they do as "that dorky girl".

I wasn't aware of the proper and improper ways to use Ouija boards. For instance, I didn't know that many Ouija Board users start their session with a special prayer.

Here's one such prayer I found online: "I invite those spirits who are only for my highest good. Any spirits who come through who are NOT for my highest good are to be absorbed into the white light of protection, harming none."

I also wasn't aware that I needed to say "Goodbye" or turn the planchette upside down when I was finished so that evil spirits wouldn't remain in my house after I was finished. Or that I should immediately say goodbye and stop playing with the board if the planchette made a figure eight or if the planchette moves to each of the four corners of the board. That means an evil spirit has entered the room.

Another indication is if the spirit you've contacted says it has a number, not a name, it is evil. If you feel evil spirits or believe that they may be in your home because of the Ouija Board, dispose of it. You can try to throw it away in the trash or out a car window. However, many tales report that Ouija Boards that were thrown away, mysteriously reappear.

My daughter warned me never ever ever burn a Ouija Board or it will open a portal to Hell and release unspeakable demons. Other sources online agree. People who have burned Ouija Boards report they hear shrieking coming from the flames. Some have seen faces in the smoke of the burning board.

Do not burn it!

If you burn it, do not burn it where you live or the demons will remain in your home. Legend says that whoever hears the Ouija Board scream has only 36 hours to live. Others say that after 48 hours the evil entity will come after you. Instead, break it into seven pieces, sprinkle it with Holy Water, and bury it. Some say to bury the seven pieces in different places. Others also suggest having a priest bless your home to ensure your safety.

For a lot more cool Halloween and paranormal posts, please check out my daughter's new blog: Graveyard Secrets. Although it's officially launching today and will start with a lot of nifty things for Halloween, it will go year round to celebrate the paranormal. She'd be thrilled with lots of visits today if you're so inclined. She's telling the history of Halloween today. Future posts include Halloween crafts for kids (she's a teenager), history of different paranormal creatures and things, ghost stories, alerts to good paranormal movies and books, etc.

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Brynn Paulin said...

Wow... I didn't know a bunch of that stuff. I had one too...and not the Milton Bradley type. Scary stuff.

Hey, this is the first time I'm seeing your Recipe For Disaster cover! I like it. Really nice!!

Chrisbookarama said...

I was always too chicken to use one. Kinda glad now after reading that!

Meg Leigh said...

We used them a lot when I was a kid. We didn't know all the rules either, and we didn't have a 'fancy' one from the store. Ours were usually home made and the planchette was an upside down wine glass. It had to be a stemmed glass, for some reason--although I have had them work just as well with an ordinary drinking glass.

The Redhead Riter said...

I hadn't ever heard that, but I don't have one and haven't ever used one. Just heard about them.

Linda Kage said...

The idea of Ouija Boards totally freaks me out. But then, I've never really seen one, just heard about them. I'm such a weenie.

Unknown said...

People themselves more believing what others tell them

Unknown said...

I don't really believe in Quija boards, but they were fun as a kid. I do want to write a paranormal story with one soon. I think it'd be fun. But just in case, I'm not sure I want to get another one.

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