Sunday, November 01, 2009

There's Magic In The Library

I haven't done booksignings in a long while, not at a commercial bookstore or at a library. Perhaps because I'm so busy and perhaps partially because I don't want my church members or my coworkers to know what I write.

But I just saw this beautiful library flier for another author.

What great promotion!There's magic in doing booksignings in the library.

In the course of my blog hopping I ran across a post that said libraries are a great source for author promotion. It said that the libraries have a budget for promotion and much of it goes unused. They're eager to host authors.

I don't know that most libraries would host erotic romance books. And I still don't wish to come out of the closet for the reasons stated above.

But I have a sweet book coming out soon under a different name thus I'll definitely explore this option to promote that book.

How could I pass up such a beautiful flier and awesome promotion? When I get a release date for my book AAB I'll have to set one of these up for myself.

If you're a writer, do you do many booksignings? If so, do you do any in the library? What do you think of booksignings in general? Do a lot of people attend? If not, is it still worth doing them for the posters and press releases about them?

If you're a reader, do you attend booksignings? Many? What prompts you to attend?

Oh! To all you NaNoWriMo'ers this year - good luck and happy writing!

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Molly Daniels said...

When I was first pubbed, I took my book around to various libraries, but the ones who agreed to buy a copy did not suggest a signing...hmmm....must explore this further:)

As you know, I LOVE signings. I'm all for supporting local authors or even ones established already. If one arrives in town, I'll certainly show up and pick their brains a bit:) That's how I met the talented Jamie Carie, Christian author. Now we swap promo ideas:)

Unknown said...

I will have to make time and get up my nerve to do these. I wish I were in your area, Molly, so I could visit yours. Whenever I get to visit again (I'm shooting for June and Lori Foster's event) and if you have one then, I'll do my best to get there and meet you in person.

Aoife.Troxel said...

I'd be really nervous to do a book signing!
As a reader, I like book-signings. I think most readers feel that if someone can get published, and they can see their book in the shop, then they are therefore, a celebrity, or at least someone to name-drop about. For example, I went to a book signing once, and bought three of the author's books and got them signed, and was commenting to another person there how cool it was to meet the author (never mind I hadn't heard of her until the signing), and she replied that she supposed so, but if she really wanted to get the author's signed book, she could just ask her, as they were neighbours!
I think some people (me perhaps) see authors as 'other' people. Like they aren't 'real' people. It's good to have a chance to meet the person behind a book. Also, it shows people that anybody can be a writer if they try hard enough.(Scratch that, don't do any signings! You don't want the competition.)
I think book-signings are good to promote the book, and get more sales.
I like when the author includes a discussion on writing the book, and what's involved, it makes people admire them more.
I can see how you might not want to do a book-signing nearby, given the genre you write in, but go for it anyway!

Sandra Cox said...

What a beautiful poster and what a good idea.

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