Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dedicating Books

Almost every book published is dedicated to someone. I've done my share of dedicating books as well.

When I make a dedication, I do it in honor of someone I love or admire. A loved one, friend, someone I admire.

Some of my dedications:
From my upcoming February 2010 Valentine's story with Total-E-Bound "Naked Ambition" - "To old boyfriends and current lovers." (Oops! I have only one current lover, my hubby whom I'm celebrating our 30th anniversary with this week. I hope he won't see this so I won't be in BIG trouble.)

From my upcoming May 2010 story with Total-E-Bound "Carnal Lust" - "For everybody who needs a second chance and for all lovers of the planet Earth."

From my upcoming August 2010 time-travel story with Total-E-Bound "Whirlwind Relationship" - "To my friends and paramours during the disco era: 1977-1979."

From "Abracadabra", a story on submission - "To everybody who’s ever been unjustly accused."

From my sweet romance coming out soon with TWRP - "To my cousins whom I don't sometimes see for years, but whom I love very much: Debbie, Charlie, Suzie, Jerry, Jan, Marty, and all their kids, especially Daniel and his new bride Jen. I wish I could see them more often. Like the heroine in this story, I need to visit home and family much more."

Other dedications:
These are the only dedications I can pull up on my new laptop where I happen to be working. Over the years, I've dedicated books to my husband, my parents, my children, my critique group, my coworkers, my pets, friends, my aunts and uncles.

I'm running out of people and animals to dedicate my books to without duplicating dedications.

A dedication is just a line or two, but sometimes, it can take awhile to decide who to dedicate the book to.

What about you?
What are some of your favorite dedications? Who have you dedicated books to?

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Unknown said...

I normally dedicate my books to my husband, children, etc. The last one was dedicate to a friend who died, but knew how to celebrate love her entire life!
My next one is to someone who inspired me and showed me how precious love is, in a very short time. :)

Sandra Cox said...

Great dedications, Ash.
I think dedications are a way of honoring people we care about.

Molly Daniels said...

I've dedicated books to supportive friends and to anyone whom the book would be relevant. I'm currently trying to decide who to dedicate the the upcoming release:)

Unknown said...

I just realized I forgot and left the same dedication on my most recent story. Thus I have to think about whom I want that book to be dedicated to.

Bobbie (Sunny) Cole said...

Hey, Ash - just browsed through past posts I've missed (have I ever told you that I love your blog?). :) ANYHOO...Carbon Copy sounds awesome - best of luck with her. Got a kick out of your meme. I suck at those.

And I see nothing wrong for dedicating more than one or two or ten books to the same person. Danielle Steel did it many times over, right? So did lots of other well-pubbed people.

Sunny Lyn

Dawn said...

I love your dedications! I did get a little chuckle out of your first one. :-)

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