Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Confess: I Like to Read...And Write...Romantic Comedies

I was just reading Karen Knows Best's blog, specifically the article "Who-the-fck-reads-and-loves-romantic-comedies-anyway".

I do!

I confess.
I love romantic comedies. I not only read them, sometimes I even write them. Oh oh! After reading that article, I almost feel like I'm "coming out". Even when I don't write an official romantic comedy,  comic relief often comes into play in my stories.

The movie industry loves me. When a romantic comedy movie comes out, most likely I will be in line to watch it. I've spent a ton of money going to the theater.

My favorite romantic comedy movies
Singing in the Rain, Pillow Talk, Mulan, Girl Happy, Runaway Bride, You've Got Mail, Shakespeare in Love, The Ugly Truth, While You Were Sleeping, Bridget Jones Diary, 27 Dresses, Serendipity, Because I Said So, Mannequin, Keeping the Faith, The Truth About Cats & Dogs, Picture Perfect, and Someone Like You. I'm sure I've forgotten some.

WHY I like romantic comedies so much
Life's stressful. I need levity and a good laugh. I want to escape after a long day at the office. I want to forget about the donor who got nasty and personal with me on the phone. I want to block out the kids fighting. I want to forget that my husband forgot Valentine's Day. But the bottom line is: I like to laugh.

Sometimes I enjoy angsty books. Sometimes I even write them. It depends what mood I'm in. My next sweet romance to release (the last week in March) is full of angst. It still makes me cry after the many times I've read it.

And sometimes I want a good thriller, even a horror. Ask my kids. I also love what they call "End of the world movies". My favorite book is Stephen King's "The Stand". My youngest, a teenage boy, hates the movie as it's "too scary". (This is the same child who loved "Zombieland" - so he can be a little off.) My favorite movie is "The Mummy".

The types of comedy I don't enjoy
All this said, I don't enjoy slap stick. I don't like ditzy characters (except for Gracie Allen - she slays me.) I run from the room when my husband turns on something like "Scary Movie" or "The Naked Gun" or even "Police Academy". They annoy the hell out of me. There's even one scene in "Singing in the Rain" where Donald O'Connor does a solo slapstick routine that annoys me no end.

My romantic comedies
My best seller is a romantic comedy: "American Beauty". It's prequel "Purrfect Justice" enjoys a lot of sells, too. "Price of Fame" was also received well.

What about you?
Do you enjoy reading romantic comedies? Do you ever write them? Or do you hate them? Do they drive you nuts?

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Unknown said...

I love romantic comedies! Like you I enjoy that escape from reality and the everyday stresses. I love to laugh.
I've even written a few.

Unknown said...

I love a good romantic comedy! They cheer me up, remind me that life isn't about all the stress, it's about the love and happiness we often put to the side!!

I've attempted. I loved romance novels and knew I wanted to write so I took a crack at it and failed miserably. I was meant to only read them :)

Shelly said...

I love romantic comedies.

In fact, i'm writing my first one now!

This is a great post! Thanks

Sandra Cox said...

I'm with you Ash, While You Were Sleeping, Sleepless in Seattle and Miss Congeniality. Also not real found of slapstick.

Cari Quinn said...

Romantic comedy is one of my favorite genres to write and read. Nothing like laughing while I'm lost in a story. :)

Dawn said...

I love reading and watching romantic comedies. Like you said, life is stressful. So, I like things to play out all happy on the page and screen. If I wrote, I imagine that is about all I would write. I'm a sucker for them!

Vicky B said...

For the longest time, I thought everyone liked romantic comedies!! But I know a lot of people who don't. I, however, LOVE them! And for the same reason you do. They take my mind off of the crap I deal with in real life. They make me smile and warm my heart. I also write them, YA romantic comedies. They are my favorite!

Unknown said...

It's good to hear I'm not alone on this. My romantic comedies have been my biggest sellers. I buy a lot of them.

As for the other article I read being against writers who presume they can be funny, wouldn't that be true that anyone would presume to be anything - writing serious emotional, angst filled romance, too?

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