Sunday, May 23, 2010

Charity Auction Scenes Blogfest Announcement

I've been joining blogfests for several writing themes: dream scenes, bad girls, bad boys, beach scenes, practical jokes, deleted scenes, etcetera.

I'd like to host my own blogfest Tuesday, June 1, 2010, in anticipation of reaching 200 followers and in honor of my romance "Charity's Auction" which will release May 31, 2010 by Total-E-Bound.

If my blog has at least 250 (two hundred fifty) followers by midnight June 1, 2010, in appreciation I'll award a $10 Amazon gift certificate to one of my followers. I'll use a random generator to choose the winner.

If you'd like to participate with your own charity auction scene, please sign up below. On June 1st, be sure to visit everybody's blog who signed up and check out their scenes.



Unknown said...

Hey there,

I've added you to my list of blogfests/contests, not sure if I can come up with a scene in time, but will do my best!

Congratulations on having your book published!

Unknown said...

Thanks Tessa. I hope you can come up with a scene in time.

Andrew Rosenberg said...

I would suggest pushing it out a bit.
Check out my blogfest hosting suggestions:

dolorah said...

I'm game. Could you tell us a little more about what kind of scene you're looking for, and maybe a word count?

Congrats on the book publishing. That's awesome.


Unknown said...

Well, I'm writing a scene right now and I gave you a tweet or two...

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