Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Snippets: Music

Today's Saturday Snippet theme is MUSIC. I thought I flubbed by signing up for a subject I haven't touched, and then I remembered Wendy/Sky from PRICE OF FAME. She's a famous lead singer who disguises her true identity. Her band paints their faces and no one knows who they truly are.


When Average Jane Wendy Applegate is called home to be at her ailing mother's side, her secret identity is put in grave jeopardy. Neither her mother, sister, or the man she left behind knows she is the scandalous masked mega rock-and-roll star, Skye Blue.

The more she tries to protect her heart and her identity, the more she fuels the coming holocaust. She certainly never dreamed that the respectable doctor she pines for had a thing for her alter ego. Feeling schizophrenic, Wendy finds herself green with envy over herself and struggles to come out of the closet before she loses more than her career...

An Excerpt From: Price of Fame

“You could save yourself the room fee and bunk with me,” Thunder whispered in her ear and had the audacity to lick it.

Shocked, she jumped back. This was brazen, even for Thunder. “Look, I don’t want any crazed, jealous wives gunning for me. I’m here for a concert, not a horror show.” Besides, although his wet tongue shocked her, it didn’t excite her as it once had.

“If you change your mind, I’m in the adjoining room. There’s a connecting door…” He ran his fingertip down the length of her arm and licked his lips.

“Peachy.” Not! Maybe she’d sneak down later and switch rooms. Maybe even floors.

Roger tsk-tsked and stepped between them. “No time for flirting now. Put your cases in the room and meet me out front in ten.”

“Slave driver,” Thunder muttered under his breath. “He sucks the fun out of everything.”

“Ian, come with me, and please stop your bitching and moaning before you give me another migraine. Wendy’s a big girl and doesn’t need your help to freshen up.” Roger cut between them like a sheep dog and corralled Thunder away from her.

She shot Roger a grateful look, but wondered what to do about Thunder’s increasingly blatant advances? Maybe Rain would share a room with her from now on, and act as a quasi-chaperone. Although knowing the incorrigible guitarist, he’d merely suggest a threesome.

Unfortunately, Rain liked to bring groupies back to her room after the concerts. Wendy shivered. One of them could be Jack the Ripper and they wouldn’t know till it was too late. Nix that idea.

Within moments, she was caught up in the fanfare of the concert. She slipped into her Skye Blue persona with ease. For a few blissful hours, she forgot Wendy Applegate’s existence. Unfettered by her daily bonds, the music rocked through her. She sang, flung her hair about her head wildly, and pranced onstage, making love to her microphone and her audience.

The lights were hellishly hot, beating down and blinding her. Perspiration trickled down her back.

She sang a duet with Thunder, their lips within kissing distance, their breath mingling. As the last notes of their song faded, the audience roared and whistled.

When she turned to the audience to accept their praise, something abnormal caught her attention. Decked in black leather and spikes, sandy blonde hair slicked back, and with chest bared stood the one person in the world she never would have expected to see. It couldn’t be. It wasn’t possible. Trace? Could this punked out rocker really be the respectable doctor?

Her mouth went dry, and she froze, her gaze glued to the vision in leather. He must be a look-alike. Trace would never dress in black leather or chains. He wasn’t that cool. Yet she couldn’t catch her breath or remember what to do next.

Price of Fame is available at Ellora's Cave.

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I liked the excerpt, really steamy:)

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Way to go. I'm enticed.


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