Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Minions Take Stage

S: Hello all I am S

M: and I am M

S & M: We are S and M

S: No pun intend…

M: Pun very much intended

S & M: And we are taking over! *both grin then sigh*

M: At least for Tuesdays

S: What do you mean at least for Tuesdays?

M: Exactly the way it sounds

S: So I can’t come here any day and prattle on about my day?

M: Nope. You’ll just have to condense everything into one day and hope that’s enough.

S: *grumbles* Well that’s lame.

M: *shrugs* Lame or not that’s all we get

S: But I thought we had Thursday too.

M: No we get to create comic strips for the Mistress to entertain her viewers with.

S: Oh… *sad* We’re not allowed to just pop in?

M: No but I do have an idea.

S: Why would I want to hear your idea? *pouts*

M: Because it’s a good one.

S: Yeah like when you wanted to take the pipsqueak outside in the front?

M: Don’t blame me for him jumping in front of the car and every other after.

S: I should. It was your idea. *whispers to the audience* He’s our dog by the way.

M: Anyhow before S so kindly interrupted me. We have the pleasure of creating a comic strip to post on Thursdays.

S: Why are you repeating things?

M: *glares* Shush you. One of the requirements is that it relates to romance since our Mistress is all about romance… and other things.

S: We’d like to keep it clean!

M: So if anyone has ideas they’d like to shout out feel free to leave a comment. We will be looking. *pauses* Well we will be seeing you next time.

S: Hey wait your horses M! We’re not done yet.

M: Not done? We’ve said everything we intended to for this week.

S: We haven’t even told them who we are.

M: Yes we have

S: Nah uh

M: Uh huh

S: Blockhead… *M glares* Stop that. *M continues to glare* Forget about her. As mentioned before we are S and M, the loyal minions of our Mistress Ashley Ladd.

M: Loyal hah! You grumble when given orders. How is that loyal?

S: Rules are meant to be broken *phone beeps* and so are orders!

S & M: Sorry times up, that’s all for today. Don’t forget about the comic strip on Thursday. We are in short supply of ideas at the moment.

M: Bye bye.

S: I’ll be popping in to chat.

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