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Abracadabra - First Chapter and Book Giveaway

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Below is the entire first chapter of "Abracadabra".

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By Ashley Ladd

Available at Total-E-Bound.


When Savi finds a beautiful bottle, she wishes for the man she loves to be proven innocent and released from jail.

To Savi’s shock, a genie fulfils her wish. Then all hell breaks loose...

Chapter One

Savannah ‘Savi’ Davis warmed up for her Tae Kwan Do session by doing forty jumping jacks, followed by forty push-ups, then forty squats and finally forty leg lifts. Then came the leg stretches. How she used to hate the way they seemed to tear her muscles, how they made her cringe in pain, but now that she was getting limber, she loved to stretch her legs far and wide, almost straight out like a karate master. Dreams of achieving her black belt aside, this exercise not only helped her to kick higher and harder, it helped her to stretch in incredibly hot sexual positions.

The stretching like this reminded Savi of the steamy sex she’d indulged in with her lover Mark right here in this studio. Mark who made her panties wet. Mark who made her tremble with wanton desire. Mark who made her erupt with the most dynamite orgasms of her twenty-nine years. Mark who was now incarcerated.

Although Mark wasn’t here, memories of him still made her wet. At least her panties would be wet…if she wore any. At times like this when she missed her lover with every molecule of her being, she didn’t choose to wear panties, just her white cotton slacks. If some hottie saw the shadow of her bush, the slit of her pussy, it only made her sizzle hotter. Sometimes just their hot, lustful looks made her come without Mark’s huge cock rocking in and out of her or even the aid of her own fingers.

The slightly scratchy material, in particular the inseam, rubbed against her clit and she threw back her head and moaned in delight. Her long hair caught back in a high ponytail tickled her back, especially the bare midriff where her T-shirt hiked up.

Mr. Lee, her Tae Kwon Do instructor, tossed her a warning frown and she caught several classmates sneaking furtive glances at her in the floor-to-ceiling mirror that displayed the entire studio. She didn’t care if the women’s glances held censure for the men’s held anything but. They reminded her of Mark’s sweltering stares, his burning eyes and his hot and ready response. God, she missed her Mark.

She loved the Tae Kwon Do studio, in particular because she’d met Mark here when she started her karate training. He’d been her first partner and as a second-degree black-belt, he’d given her private tutelage, sometimes even after hours at the studio as he assisted the master. This place was a storehouse of awesome memories.

A soft, dreamy smile curved her lips. Lost in her own world, she continued her stretching exercises as if on autopilot.

“The other right, Miss Davis,” Mr. Lee called out just like Mark used to, when she rolled into her neighbour’s space.

Mark… Everything reminded her of her Mark.

She shot an apologetic smile to the green belt scowling at her, then moved back into her own space. Still, she had trouble getting her mind off Mark.

Closing her eyes, she pretended Mark was beside her. The scent of musky sweat permeating the studio and infusing her uniform, and the steady, sexy beat of the workout music, all worked together to enhance her mesmerizing fantasy.

She forgot where she was as she slipped into another world, to one where she and Mark, who had been her first Tae Kwon Do master, had the studio all to themselves, where they gyrated in time to the beat of the sensual music belting through the studio. She recalled how they performed their own quasi-Tae Kwon Do routine, part karate, part animalistic dance.

She rifled back and swung her leg inside for a right crescent kick high above Mark’s head.

Mark rifled back and kicked high over her head. Of course his kick was much sharper, much higher, much more graceful.

She wrinkled her nose and stuck her tongue out at him.

Mark pulled a mock frown and planted stern fists on his rock hard hips. “That’s not how you show respect to your master, Miss Davis.”

“No?” She tried to bite back a naughty smile, to hide her next surprise move, but the mischievous thing kept popping out around the corners of her lips. She cursed herself that she’d not yet adopted the strict discipline of a master.

“Hee yah!” She hopped on her right foot and kicked high and hard frontward with her left, perfectly aimed at her fantasy man’s broad chest, intending to throw him to the mat.

Deftly as if he’d performed karate since before he could toddle, Mark sidestepped her assault, caught her leg and held it even as she swayed precariously. “What do you call this manoeuvre?”

Savi tried to free her leg. “Getting one up on you.”

Mark pursed his lips and nodded. “Down and dirty.” With an impassioned stare, his gaze zeroed in on her crotch. “Ah, I see you aren’t wearing panties again.”

She grunted. “No, Sir. You ordered me not to wear them.”

He continued to stare at her pussy, as if he could see straight through the thin cotton material. His thick moustache twitched. “Did I give the order to put your panties on?”

“No, Sir!” And she hoped he wouldn’t. Mark never did so she knew tonight wouldn’t be any different—except if he decided to tease her back.

He trailed his fingertips down the inside of her thigh, so slowly she wanted to scream. He paused a couple of of inches from her pussy and rubbed small circles on her tingling thigh.

About to go crazy with the raging inferno stoking inside, she twisted grotesquely and lost her footing. She fell backward to the mat. Crooking her knee around his arm, she tried to pull him down with her.

But Mark merely let loose her leg and let her flop. Then he spread his feet in parade rest position and towered over her laughing.


Just as he began to lift his foot to imprison her and declare victory, she bridged up and leapt to her feet. Whirling around, she yelled, “Ee-ya!” and pushed him back several feet on the mat with a wicked three punch. Then she did a small bow and tossed him a mischievous smile when surprise lit his eyes. “Why so shocked? I’m learning from the master.”

He squared his muscular shoulders. “I’m not a master, yet.”

“You’re my instructor and the master of my heart, body and soul. You’ll be an official master soon. I have complete confidence.”

“Such high praise from a cameo belt who shuns wearing underwear when in uniform.” He wrestled with a smile then bounced back and forth in front of her, his fists protecting his face. “Bring it.”

Oh, she’d bring it, all right and she’d love every naughty moment. “You’re asking for it.”

“Because I want it.”

She tried to bite back an eager grin. He perspired but he hadn’t had a strenuous enough work out to be perspiring so she knew he was hot and bothered. Still, she longed to hear him spell it out. “How badly do you want it?”

He crooked his hands and beckoned her to him. “I want it bad.”

“As bad as I want it?”


No one could want it worse than she wanted it. Feeling like a warrior ballerina she pivoted and cart wheeled twice over. After that she somersaulted to the opposite side of the room. She turned back to Mark and performed two flying, twirling kicks. Then she did a round off and landed square in front of him perfectly on both feet.

Mark clapped and pride gleamed in his eyes. “I give that a nine-point-five.”

Scowling, she drew her brows together and tilted her chin so that she gazed fully into his darkening eyes. “Only a nine-point-five? But that was a perfect landing.”

“But your crotch is wet.”

She glanced down at her pants, lowered herself to the floor, spread her legs wide and lifted them. “So it is.” Licking her lips, she lifted a very sultry gaze to his and held it. “I should earn extra points for that, at least an eleven-point-five.”

Smirking, he bent down and peered between her legs. “Spread your legs further. This requires further inspection.”

Rolling her eyes, she rested on her shoulders and lifted her hips off the mat. She stretched further until her thighs burned. “Can you see better now?”

“Ah, much better. I’ll award you a fifteen. A perfect score plus five bonus points for such a ravishing pussy.”

“This ravishing pussy wants to be ravished.” She quivered wantonly and lay back down on the mat. She wiggled her fingers at him. “Bring it.”

He tented his brow even as he lowered himself to the mat. “Tsk-tsk. The student orders about the master?”

She nodded and winked. “It’s my turn to rate you.”

He froze above her, one hand holding his weight on the mat. “Rate me on what?”

“Your cock, of course.” She propped herself up on an elbow and reached for his groin. She slid her hand along his thigh and stopped short of the raging bulge in his slacks.

“My cock?” He glanced down at his crotch. “Shouldn’t you be able to see it to judge it?”

“You didn’t get a good look at my naked pussy before you rated it.”

He sat back on his haunches and crossed his arms over his chest. “Uhm. Point well taken. Lift your legs.”

Quivering, she lifted her legs high. She wasn’t surprised or disappointed when he tugged off her slacks and tossed them off the mat. Or when he spread her legs wide and leant in for close inspection.

“Well?” She arched her hips higher, thrusting her pussy closer to his face. “Don’t I rate higher than a fifteen?”

He bent lower, placing his nose against her slit. “Nice perfume. Jasmine?”

“Uhm, hm. Your favourite.”

His fingertip felt like the softest rose petal when it ran over her clit. She longed to feel his tongue sweep across her pussy lips, to massage, lick and lathe her.

“I’ll need to taste.”

She squirmed and wobbled. “If you must.”

He nodded seriously. “I must.”

Do it already! She arched closer to him, yearning for his caress. She spread her legs as wide as she could without tumbling back and kicking him in the head.

He held her legs, steadying her, then he buried his face in her mound. His fiery breath ravaged her pussy and a primitive growl ripped from his chest as his tongue delved deep into her canal.

Savage spasms ripped through her and she moaned loudly. Her clit throbbed and wildfire licked her veins.

He lapped ravenously and greedily of her flowing juices.

If he didn’t stop soon, she’d erupt without him. Knowing they could be caught any moment, her blood boiled. Her pulse ricocheted in her wrist.

She tapped her finger on his head and gently pushed him away. With a mock stern glance, she asked in her most business-like voice, “Well? What score will you assign?”

Dreamy rapture and acute horniness spread over his face. Gone was the stern karate master. “One million.”

She frowned and pouted. Her shoulders aching, she eased herself fully down to the mat. “Only one million?”

Eagerness lit his eyes, and something akin to pleading. “A billion? That is the finest, most glorious pussy in the world.”

“Only in the world?” She glanced down at the juicy curls between her legs.

“In the universe.”

She pretended to think about that, then peered steadily at him. “How would you know? Have you been that up close and personal to that many pussies?”

He blinked and his lips moved without eschewing sound. “That’s an unfair feminine trap.”

Yes it was. And she loved every moment of the teasing, fair and unfair. But she was ready to get down to the serious business of fucking and loving. “Did you forget I get to judge you?” She waggled her finger at his most annoying pants. “Take those off.”

He batted his lashes prettily, teasingly. Then he bent and started pushing his pants down his sinewy legs.

She shook her head. “Not that way. Do a sexy striptease for me.”

“Now I’m an exotic dancer?”

She batted her lashes at him and put her hands together, fingertip to fingertip. “Please! It makes me really hot.”

His pointed gaze sought out her wet pussy and he licked his lips. “You’re already really hot.”

“I’ll get even hotter.”

He looked around the room and nodded. “Good, there’s a fire extinguisher here.”

She gazed at the swelling lightning rod between his legs. “There’s only one fire extinguisher I want in my pussy.”

“It had better be the only one that ever gets near your pussy. Not that it’s supposed to extinguish your fire.”

She nodded. No other man turned her head like Mark. None ever had. She barely noticed other men, and only in a completely platonic light. “Only you.”

He blew a kiss to her and changed the music into something softer, sexier still. In rhythm with the music, he rolled one shoulder then the other as he shrugged out of his black t-shirt. He twirled the shirt over his head and flung it at her.

She clapped loudly. Sticking two fingers in her mouth, she whistled. When he held his hands high over his head and flexed his arms, she almost swooned. And when he gyrated his hips and made his abs dance, she nearly burst. “Ooh, baby. You’re boiling.”

“For you, darlin’,” he drawled.

Inch by excruciating inch, he lowered his slacks. His cock tented his underwear, and pointed straight at her.

His musky scent beckoned to her and made her lose the last of her reserve. With a primitive growl of her own, she crawled over to him and helped him pull off his slacks. She flung them against the far wall and they pooled onto a fold-up chair.

Going out of her mind, unable to stop herself, she got up on her knees and nipped the stretch band of his underwear with her teeth. Feeling naughtier than ever before, she pulled his bikini underwear down with her mouth. His cock exploded out and bounced against her face. Enticing drops of cum glistened on the large head.

In a hurry now to grade his cock, she tugged the underwear off with her hands. Then she rose back up and caught a drop of his juice on the tip of her tongue. “Um, Mark-flavour. So musky.”

“Your favourite.” He thrust his cock against her lips and pushed gently.

How could she refuse? She opened her mouth wide and took the head of his penis into her mouth. She sucked on it and swirled her tongue around its pronounced ridge.

He moaned and sifted his fingers through her hair, loosening it from its tight bonds until it cascaded around them. He massaged her scalp as he pulled her face closer.

Sucking harder, she took more of his hardened length inside her mouth. She quivered when he quivered. She moaned when he moaned. She watched them in the mirror, enjoying the play of his toned muscles as he flexed.

Then he pushed her away and flat onto the mat. Having been long-time monogamous partners and knowing she’d been on the pill for several years, he drove into her with a powerful force.

Breathless, overflowing with love and lust, she lifted her hips and met him thrust for rapturous thrust. They rolled as if wrestling, from one side of the mat to the other and up against the mirror. Gasping for breath, she wound her legs about his waist and clawed at his back. Then she took the whole of his impressive length.

Her world rocked and the universe exploded in brilliant primary colours. She bent forward and pressed her lips to his. “You’re a billion, too. I love you!”

Mark said, “I’m a billion? You love me?”

“Miss Davis, please come to my office. Now,” Mr. Lee said. He towered above her, his face inscrutable.

The stern voice yanked Savi out of her daydream. Her heart skipped several beats. Her flesh crawled. Drawing back hastily, she gasped and almost choked.

Oh no!

Had she said anything embarrassing aloud? Would her classmates think her nuts? She glanced to her right at her long-time friend, Jerry, who gave her a commiserating grin.

Fearful everyone ogled her, she peeked into the mirror. Everyone stared at her with some degree of either laughter or horror.

For the first time in her life, she saw a pale Master Lee. His Adam’s apple bobbed and he averted his gaze.

Oh, God. Just how much of her fantasy had she acted out during her reverie? What had she said? She’d have to ask Jerry later, in private. If she dared.

A couple of minutes later when she was behind the closed door with Mr. Lee, she gave him an apologetic look. “I miss my fiancĂ© and worry about him. His trial‘s tomorrow. I didn’t mean to get lost in a day dream about him, to make a fool of myself and disrupt your class.”

The thought of Mark’s impending trial, of the possibility of his being convicted and imprisoned for several more years, made her eyes sting. She tried to blink them back but a couple of slipped down her cheek. She sniffed and backhanded them.

“Perhaps this is not the place for you to be tonight. Go home. Let me know how the trial goes. Let Mark know we’re thinking about him and wish him well.”

Choking now, she nodded. “Absolutely.”

Subdued, she clasped her hands in her lap. “I’m afraid he’ll be convicted.”

Master Lee sat stalwart and tall and stared at her with emotionless eyes. “Does this mean you think he’s guilty?”

She had trouble believing the brutal charges of sexual molestation being brought against Mark. He could never do anything so dishonourable, so horrible. He could never betray her like that. His accuser’s claims, however, were adamant.

As she stood to leave, visions of the woman’s tortured face ripped at her heart. Almost as much as Mark’s.

When she opened the glass door of Mr. Lee’s office, Jerry’s face steadfast and solid, waiting for her outside Mr. Lee’s office, made her feel only a smidgen better.

She dreaded Mark’s trial. Tomorrow…

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